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16 - Drop Out (Re-issue) (CD) Cover Art 16 - Drop Out (Re-issue) (CD)

Debut album from drug-addled thunderfuck champions, 16. A heavy dose of terminally deviant tirades blown over bleary narco-rhythms, and overly punishing riffs and delivered at maximum volume.

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ASG - Win Us Over (Re-issue) (Blue/Green Splatter) (2LP) Cover Art ASG - Win Us Over (Re-issue) (Blue/Green Splatter) (2LP)

Limited edition on blue and green splatter colored vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

ASG's classic 2008 record, remastered for vinyl! This is a triumph of a record that has LONG been out of print!

Price: $28.99
Black Tusk - Pillars of Ash (CD) Cover Art Black Tusk - Pillars of Ash (CD)

Black Tusk's final recordings with founding bassist-vocalist Jonathan Athon, who sadly passed away after a motorcycle accident is 2014. A testament to Athon's profound and lasting heavy rock legacy!

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Black Tusk - Tend No Wounds (CD EP) Cover Art Black Tusk - Tend No Wounds (CD EP)

Savannah sludge power trio Black Tusk are just plain underrated. As much press and buzz as they’ve gotten over the years, people just don’t give enough respect to them when you get down to just how solid their riffs are. They really embody hardcore and stoner ideals to an almost perfect degree. Few albums come as close as their recent 'Set the Dial' did to blending those potentially disparate genres so that nary a lash is batted.

'Tend No Wounds' is their newest EP, but proves a rocking stop gap between full lengths. It is meaty and satisfying, but leaves you wanting more after 20 minutes of chunky bliss. Produced by Philip Cope of Kylesa with a true grasp of what works best for Black Tusk’s sound, the record sounds good and pro, but still “raw” and real. The thumping kick drum of standout onslaught “Internal/Eternal” drives home a groove that Lemmy would be proud of. These guys aren’t here to stretch the mold as much as Deadbird or the aforementioned Kylesa, but they do a killer job upholding the foundation of crunching riffs and bulldozer bass. Black Tusk are just more basic, but what they do is second nature to them and doesn’t need a lot of flash or second guessing.

This EP is honestly the closest I think the Tusk have come to getting a sense of their explosive wrecking ball live show on record. Their full lengths are great, but maybe it is the immediacy of needing to stress a point on a shorter EP that seems to bring out a bit more electricity on this one. Every track on here will enhance their live set. “The Weak and the Wise” startles with some cool string parts ala Grayceon before a crazy good intro baseline snakes in like Dead Kennedys playing Ozzy’s “Crazy Train” at half tempo before the usual thunder and buzzsaw kicks in. “Enemy of Reason” is another standout with a bouncy, pinky riff that serves a similar purpose to Kylesa’s early gem “Bottom Line”. You probably will pogo if it doesn’t spill your PBR.

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Bloodiest - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art Bloodiest - Self Titled (CD)

Chicago's six-piece experimental ensemble BLOODIEST presents its second full-length of ritualistically heavy orchestrations. This self-titled album takes the distinctive genre-bending, wall-of-sound that the band forged on 'Descent' to an entirely new level. Droning melodies, earth-shaking riffs, and trance-inducing atmospheres wrap around one another in a tight, cohesive package.

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Coffins - The Fleshland (CD) Cover Art Coffins - The Fleshland (CD)

Coffins have been bringing their punishing brand of sludgy death/doom from Japan for 17 years, but really got the party started with their debut album in 2005. ‘The Fleshland’ is the band’s first album in the last five years and worth the wait. It seems their writing process is about as slow as their music, but what the band stresses is quality over quantity in an era where recording an album can easily be done at home.

Where Coffins truly excel is when they trudge through songs at a grueling midtempo march. ‘The Vacant Pale Vessel’ is the highlight of the Japanese quartet’s fourth album. Guitarist Uchino often forgoes any lead playing, but textures the pummeling sludge with simple, yet effective leads to accent the unforgettable riffing here. The solo section in this death/doom rocker is bluesy, showing that not everything about this band is ugly and gritty.

‘The Fleshland’ is a downtuned volley between tempos and an absolute rhythmic juggernaut. Rather than changing or tweaking their style, Coffins remain true to the type of music they set out to create when forming the band in 1996. Unwavering, the four have merely set out to write a better batch of songs each time they hit the studio and nailed it once again. One of Japan’s greatest extreme metal exports are a prime example of “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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Coffins/Ilsa - Split EP (LP) Cover Art Coffins/Ilsa - Split EP (LP)

Limited edition on black vinyl. Includes an etching on side B!

A double dose of crushing, cross continental death/doom/sludge devastation from two of the scene's leading purveyors of sonic filth, Coffins and Ilsa!

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Cough - Ritual Abuse (CD) Cover Art Cough - Ritual Abuse (CD)

I’ve spun this for the past week, and what strikes me most is that where Sigillum Luciferi was unrelentingly hateful, Ritual Abuse is not. It’s mostly evil, no doubt, but there are moments where Cough offers less bile. Take the bile out of hate and you get “grim” I guess, which is how I’d describe those sections of Ritual Abuse that sound unlike Cough’s previous offerings. It’s the new vocals, and definitely the Dead Meadow-esque section of "Crooked Spine." Fortunately, there is still plenty of hate seeping from this to satisfy my needs. So I take those grim moments of Ritual Abuse as an opportunity to reflect on what depresses me about the world as opposed to all the things that fill me with evil rage. There’s no shortage of either, so Ritual Abuse grabs my attention from start to finish.

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Cough - Still They Pray (CD) Cover Art Cough - Still They Pray (CD)

'Still They Pray' contains the kind of monolithic cosmic doom that will take the listener to both the heights of despair and the bottom of the abyss. With 'Still They Pray', COUGH summons psychedelic feedback-driven melodies just to deconstruct them to their core.

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High on Fire - Blessed Black Wings (Green) (2LP) Cover Art High on Fire - Blessed Black Wings (Green) (2LP)

Limited edition of 500 copies on transparent green vinyl!! Includes a cover of Judas Priest's "Rapid Fire" as a bonus track!!! Beautiful, high quality gatefold sleeve featuring artwork by Arik "Moonhawk" Roper!!

This is what I wanted to hear from High on Fire. This is the sound of greatness, the sound of a band that can now do no wrong. With Steve Albini’s production, you finally get to hear every minute detail of what makes High on Fire so colossal, so huge, so absolutely fucking metal. The album starts where Surrounded by Thieves ended, with drummer Des Kensel pounding out a tribal rhythm, and then Matt Pike and new bassist Joe Preston launch into one of many thrashy riffs. Each member gets equal footing on Blessed Black Wings, and the strengths of the three gel into one ugly, pummeling menace. The prevalent theme of Blessed Black Wings is simple – destroy. Whether it’s the Venom meets Motorhead drive of “Cometh Down Hessian” and “Silver Back” or the pummeling title track, High on Fire are cleaving a path of destruction.

Blessed Black Wings is a sharpened to-the-nanometer blade that could cause your jugular to burst just by looking at it. Des Kensel has a unique and unquestionably recognizable brutal drumming style that is as much a bedrock of High on Fire's sound as Pike's massive guitar and growling voice. Joe Preston's experience with crafting music using extreme volume certainly must have helped Pike take this new release to the next level we see, hear, and feel. Blessed Black Wings bears the mark of true musical talent and song craft. It is state of the art and timeless. It is a modern classic and a high water mark that will be talked about for years to come.

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