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Abramis Brama - Dansa Tokjavelns Vals (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Abramis Brama - Dansa Tokjavelns Vals (IMPORT) (CD)

After their gig at DIST 2000 I know that Abramis Brama are an incredible live band and after listening a couple of times to their debut album I´m also a fan of their studio stuff. I know that most of you don´t understand Swedish... I don´t understand more than a couple of words of Spanish, but I still really like Natas from Argentina... so don´t let the language scare you off...

I finally took the chance of buying both [Abramis Brama] albums and damn are they ever good. As in "That feeling you had when you first heard Kyuss" good. This music is fresh and the riffs highly inventive. Like Natas singing in their native tongue, Abramis brings the non-Swedish-speaking-listener, most Americans I'd imagine, to a very foreign place (the best of what desert rock is about). Not being able to understand the lyrics & song titles adds a very rich dimension. The singing is more an instrument and great sounding syllables.

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Abramis Brama - Nar Tystnaden Lagt Sig (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Abramis Brama - Nar Tystnaden Lagt Sig (IMPORT) (CD)

This album is filled to the brim with great tunes like ”Kall Som Sten”, ”Svart” and ”Kom Gör Mig Klok”... plenty of blues-based heavy groove. You´ll dig it if you like stuff like November and Black Sabbath... or basically anything good in this style done during the 70´s. But don´t you think it´s just a retro trip, if you like the more modern side of stoner rock you´ll probably like this one also... it´s an album so good it´ll break any barriers of time and space...

Great songwriting, musicianship, and production. Powerful vocals that actually don't sound too much like John Garcia. Great guitars that aren't robbed of their power by being all fuzzed out. Powerful, articulate rhythm section, too. If there was any justice in the music world, this band would be ruling the radio waves right now... I can't remember the last time I heard an album so full of killer riffs. The "stoner rock" album of year so far in my book.

Price: $17.99
Bigelf - Closer to Doom (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Bigelf - Closer to Doom (IMPORT) (CD)

Big Elf are one of the best and probably the single most overlooked of the heavy psychedelic bands. Their songs are powerful, hard hitting and dynamic like the very best of Monster Magnet, yet Big Elf displays a melodic and extremely talented pop-song-writing ability more comparable to heavier Beatles songs. When I want to listen to something that just fucking rules I put on Big Elf. If your main tastes include bands like Monster Magnet, Baby Woodrose, Uriah Heep, Grand Funk Railroad, Black Sabbath and Budgie then Big Elf may just be your new favorite band!!

Closer to Doom will go down perfectly for all you fans of heavy rock from the '70s era and this is one of the most devastating albums of the '90s. A highly recommendable album that you should lay your hands on.

Price: $18.99
Darxtar - Tombola (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Darxtar - Tombola (IMPORT) (CD)

Hailing from Sweden, one of the more prolific territories of progressive rock, Darxtar's Tombola is an interesting homage to Warrior on the Edge of Time era Hawkwind. I'm also very much reminded of the classic Greek psychedelic group PLJ Band and their unforgettable Armageddon album especially with regard to the distorted, trippy vocals. Tombola is a sort of concept album, with the songs tied together to form an overall impression of spacey psychedelia. From the very beginning, we know where this CD is going, from the ambient introduction of "Silently Driftin'" through the tripped out vocals of "High on Hopes". Occasionally, a different sort of vibe is captured on the psychedelic pop of "Aura Fiducia" or the Hendrix influenced "No Peak to Pass".

DarXtar is a contemporary branch of a classic, established Space Rock, the roots of which can easily be found in the first half of the 1970s. One of Progressive's most significant sub-genres is a combination of Spacey Psychedelic Rock either with Classic Symphonic Art-Rock and Jazz-Fusion, like in the case of Gong and Clearlight, or Classic Symphonic Progressive and Prog-Metal, the brightest representatives of which are Clear Blue Sky, Hawkwind, and, as I see now, DarXtar.

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London Underground - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art London Underground - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD)

Now here’s a new approach to the world of prog music: London Underground. Although the British-sounding name, these fine musicians are from Italy. This album really took me by surprise. It is jaw-droppingly beautiful with its trimmings of the early style prog, but still it submits to this time and age. I promise you, you will be absolutely and pleasantly surprised by this. There are funny intervals, there are extremely well thought out ideas, there are...well, fine pop tunes. All spiced like were it from the sixties. It’s a unique band and a unique album! So high praise from this Dane to my Swedish fellow-folk for putting out this Italian band, who’s playing very fine English sounding pop, prog, psychedelic music for all to enjoy!

Brand new Italian band with members from STANDARTE. This might be the missing link between progressive music and THE BEATLES. Very melodic, but still with a very special touch of strange and interesting chords!!!

Price: $17.99
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