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Darxtar - Tombola (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Darxtar - Tombola (IMPORT) (CD)

Hailing from Sweden, one of the more prolific territories of progressive rock, Darxtar's Tombola is an interesting homage to Warrior on the Edge of Time era Hawkwind. I'm also very much reminded of the classic Greek psychedelic group PLJ Band and their unforgettable Armageddon album especially with regard to the distorted, trippy vocals. Tombola is a sort of concept album, with the songs tied together to form an overall impression of spacey psychedelia. From the very beginning, we know where this CD is going, from the ambient introduction of "Silently Driftin'" through the tripped out vocals of "High on Hopes". Occasionally, a different sort of vibe is captured on the psychedelic pop of "Aura Fiducia" or the Hendrix influenced "No Peak to Pass".

DarXtar is a contemporary branch of a classic, established Space Rock, the roots of which can easily be found in the first half of the 1970s. One of Progressive's most significant sub-genres is a combination of Spacey Psychedelic Rock either with Classic Symphonic Art-Rock and Jazz-Fusion, like in the case of Gong and Clearlight, or Classic Symphonic Progressive and Prog-Metal, the brightest representatives of which are Clear Blue Sky, Hawkwind, and, as I see now, DarXtar.

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