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Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations (CD) Cover Art Acid Witch - Witchtanic Hellucinations (CD)

Acid Witch plays a very trippy, psychedelic and unsurprisingly horror influenced form of doom metal. Yet it's delivered with such unabashed childishness and goofiness, a possible result of what the Scoody Doo cartoon theme would sound like if Electric Wizard had penned it. You'll find elements of Cathedral here, some Witchfinder General there, and some slight nods to Pentagram. Add to that some of Electric Wizard's ultra bassy, fuzzy, and distorted guitar tone and booming production values. Like other traditional doom metal albums the riffs and rhythm patterns move in a lumbering and lurching fashion yet somehow the Witchsters inject some nice doses of sensual grooves that recall 70's Deep Purple. During various listening sessions I felt like I was inside Satan's smoke filled strip club watching strippers complete with horns and cloven hooves gyrating their lovely tail clad asses for the merriment of us sinners and then suddenly I somehow realized that perhaps hell isn't really a bad place after all.

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Blizaro - City of the Living Nightmare (CD) Cover Art Blizaro - City of the Living Nightmare (CD)

Featuring John Gallo from Orodruin and Crucifist.

BLIZARO play incredible and mind-blowing 70's-inspired Doom Metal mixed with Horror film-influenced synth/progressive rock to create an original sound that's catchy, moody, and brilliant. Imagine the horrific sounds of Goblin crossed over with Witchfinder General and Pentagram, along with a ton of gloomy Moog synthesizers and hypnotizing, fuzzed up metal riffs and you get one hell of a sound that will leave you spellbound!

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Blood Freak - Live Fast, Die Young... and Leave a Flesh Eating Corpse! (CD) Cover Art Blood Freak - Live Fast, Die Young... and Leave a Flesh Eating Corpse! (CD)

Live Fast, Die Young... and Leave a Flesh-Eating Corpse! follows up 2003’s Sleaze Merchants with a newly reinvigorated Blood Freak. Blood Freak’s fusion of old school death metal and psychedelic guitars is still present, but whereas Sleaze Merchants featured a sick, gloomy sound, this new record opens up with a fast-charged, upbeat approach that rips the listener’s face off faster than a hook in a Texas slaughterhouse. The tunes have the infectiousness of Neil’s other project Frightmare but still maintain the trademark psychedelic sound of Blood Freak.

Blood Freak shreds and rides the goofy grind house train through more than half of the album and then hits a turning point. As "The Nameless Stench of Forgotten Celluloid" wails into the night Blood Freak hits the epoch of its sound so far: a slow, soulful, and ever dark death metal opus. From here the album resumes its speedy, ripping riffs but with a bit more of the dark tone from that slow opus. Maniac Neil’s multi-faceted vocal approach reigns supreme on this album, reminding me why I have him as one of my favorite death metal vocalists; the man sounds like several vocalists in one.

Live Fast, Die Young... and Leave a Flesh-Eating Corpse! is by far Blood Freak’s strongest album. It’s catchy, it’s moody, and it is as horrid and as goofy as a showing of Last House on Dead End Street at 2 am in an abandoned, run-down movie theater. Maniac Neil has another notch under his belt, and he shows a versatility that matches Devin Townsend’s.

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Church of Misery (USA) - Minstrel of Mourning (CD) Cover Art Church of Misery (USA) - Minstrel of Mourning (CD)

This is NOT the Japanese band Church of Misery. This is an unreleased 1993 Doom Metal album from a different band, also called Church of Misery, featuring Stevo from Impetigo.

Minstrel of Mourning by Church of Misery is not a release by the Japanese doom band Church of Misery who focus on serial killers. Instead this is an album featuring Stevo from Impetigo and is slow doom ala Cathedral. The album is dark to the point of being almost oppressive. The songs are slow and there are very few fast moments in most of the songs. Instead they plod and lurch like a corpse. On the few moments where the band does pick up the pace it only serves to accentuate the slowness that follows and comes before. This is not for the faint of heart and is not something you would want to put on to have a good time with.

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Claws - Absorbed in the Nethervoid (CD) Cover Art Claws - Absorbed in the Nethervoid (CD)

Abosrbed in the Nethervoid creates the sense of dark brutality and foreboding dread with athick, fuzzy production sound that death metal enthusiasts have come to know and love. What’s even more impressive is that everything on here was entirely handled by Lasse: bass, guitars, drums, and vocals. He What’s even more impressive is that everything on here was entirely handled by Lasse: bass, guitars, drums, and vocals. Claws delivers a much needed revival of a classic Scandinavian style, and delivers a truly mandatory death metal album. Grab this fucker.

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Coffins - Mortuary in Darkness (CD) Cover Art Coffins - Mortuary in Darkness (CD)

Featuring members of Church of Misery and Dot[.].

Being that this is the side project of Dot[.] and Church Of Misery dudes (both completely KICKASS bands in their own right), there is a pronounced sludgecore sensibility to the proceedings here, particularly the overall lumbering, primordial feel of the record and its projected sound. It's almost as though our merry trio here decided to stay around in the studio after a grueling, slow-as-treacle rehearsal session and bang out a bunch of Celtic Frost worship tunes without bothering to turn their pedals off or switch the tuning up. As such, one might approach Coffins as an homage to ancient morbid gods cohered through a staunchly sludgecore aesthetic- guitars are tuned to as a low as humanly fathomable, merging with the bass to form a billowing, suffocationg noxious haze that envelopes the entire recording, the drums are nearly free of idiotic blastbeats, adopting a punkier, more minimalistic approach to complement the primal bestiality of the band.

While this record is in some senses more uptempo and more Morbid Tales-ish than their demo compilation, Sacrifice to Evil Spirit, there is a LOT of churning, despondently funereal passages here, though they are far more reminiscent of demo-era Winter than the more Vitus-ized power chords of Dot[.]. and Greenmachine. Imagine Corrupted playing early Cianide songs and you would be somewhere close to what some of these passages would resemble.

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Crypticus - They Called Me Mad (CD) Cover Art Crypticus - They Called Me Mad (CD)

Crypticus has yet again managed to pull the listeners even closer to the abyss of hell this time around. The album is composed of twelve strategically placed tracks of unremitting death thrash radiance. There are absolutely no pauses between songs, each one picks up right where its predecessor left off, offering nonstop dismally and provocatively bone chilling music.

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Decrepitaph - Beyond the Cursed Tombs (CD) Cover Art Decrepitaph - Beyond the Cursed Tombs (CD)

Decrepitaph is an interesting band, hailing from Texas, but sounding much more akin to the crude death metal of the earlier European scene. With a numbing, full bodied guitar tone that reminds of old Entombed, but a pacing that often crawls more along the Bolt Thrower path, Beyond the Cursed Tombs is a solid followup to their 2008 debut Condemned Cathedral. Beyond the Cursed Tombs is a very well rounded, complete experience which successfully bridges the narrow gap between classic, morbid horror and gut busting, classic death metal, which if you can remember, used to thrive on its frightening tones and implications rather than the technical Olympics it has begun to sate the attention spans of the competitive and short fused younger generations. Not perfect, but if Texas is ever to produce a Left Hand Path or Mental Funeral my money is on Decrepitaph as the author.

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Decrepitaph - Condemned Cathedral (CD) Cover Art Decrepitaph - Condemned Cathedral (CD)

Hailing from Texas, Decrepitaph is chugging, grinding, burning, possessing, scaring, killing with the old school death/grind to appease all those with a pulse… and those without. It just goes to show that dirty simplicity like what’s found on “Condemned Cathedral ” never gets old.

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Decrepitaph - Profane Doctrines Unburied (CD) Cover Art Decrepitaph - Profane Doctrines Unburied (CD)

The crypt opens for the 3rd time! Decrepitaph summons the newest chapter in the Ancient Death Metal saga. Featuring 10 tracks of rotting blasphemy with the heaviest production yet! The latest album from these demonic demons has finally arrived and proves once again that HORROR PREVAILS!

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