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Black Mountain - Year Zero the Original Soundtrack (LP) Cover Art Black Mountain - Year Zero the Original Soundtrack (LP)

Black Mountain's Year Zero soundtrack is nothing less than the band's full, balls-out glory distilled down to one dense acid tab of music. Featuring five new songs and five previously released songs, the Year Zero soundtrack weaves crunching, analog psych metal, futuristic droneouts; and, somehow, a twisted saxophone ditty.

Price: $17.99
Dark Fog - The Ultimate Cult of Psychedelic Psychosis (Color) (2LP) Cover Art Dark Fog - The Ultimate Cult of Psychedelic Psychosis (Color) (2LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies on colored vinyl! High quality embossed gatefold sleeve! Band name is in silver not blue as pictured above.

Sophmore release from this Chicago psyche quartet delivers siren songs summoned from realms of incantation, trance and dream with high mass revelations channeled from subvert parallel universes. Starkly subtle yet profound, lurid and alluring, this album goes off the edge and at the same time leaps into the light.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $27.99
Velcro Lewis & His 100 Proof Band/ Tijuana Hercules - Split LP (LP) Cover Art Velcro Lewis & His 100 Proof Band/ Tijuana Hercules - Split LP (LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies!

Velcro Lewis and His 100 Proof Band returns with this all too brief EP of one original (the title track) and three remakes from Ruin Everything, their last slab of punky blues rockabilly shuck n jive awesomeosity. One new song and three remakes may seem like a cheat, but once again you’re wrong. Because the remakes smoke the originals. Which is as sure a sign of genny-wine talent as any. As for the new song, “The Oven’s On” is so good, it makes the ladies wiggle with sexual delight. No foolin’. Bring on the full-length.

A product of exemplary and nasty musical influences that still manages to easily find its own voice and spirit. Velcro and team couldn't be mistaken for anyone else I'm aware of. Real solid raw shit. This is sounding plenty full and with plenty o' proper low end thud. And if you knew how little Velcro paid to record this shit, you'd consider the fidelty I'm presently experiencing to be more than a minor miracle.

Tijuana Hercules take greasy blues-rock dirt soul to a whole new level.

Price: $13.99
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