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Amarok - Self Titled (LP) Cover Art Amarok - Self Titled (LP)

Amarok's debut album. Crushingly heavy doom from Northern California.

I’m not insane, it’s just all of the T.H.C in my brain. I feel something mad heavy on my back & my whole spirit has been taken over by a feeling of doom. I know what it is, it’s AMAROK slowly invading my body…I have lost all control, all I can do now is bang my head to their super mammoth sound. This California band adds fire to your flame, so now it’s time to spark up your bong. They create green riffs that blow doom smoke into the atmosphere so even the air is too sticky to touch. The vocals in AMAROK sound like herbal wizards telling their legions of what existed before them. They have these bass lines that rumble along to their groovy rhythm. One thing I really dig about this band is that even with mountain-sized sonics, AMAROK still have an upbeat layer to their music so it never sounds oppressive. Deep, deep down in the caves of this band’s spirit you can hear the ghost of Black Flag & this only gives AMAROK more soul.

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Amarok/Enth - Split LP (LP) Cover Art Amarok/Enth - Split LP (LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies. Includes a digital coupon and 2 patches.

Two serious tracks of doom from Poland and USA.

A massive doom assault, Enth from Poland play funeral doom metal with a strong Corrupted influence. Perhaps its because of the piano parts that they add to their song.

Amarok from California mix drone doom reminiscent of Khanate, Thou and Cough.

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Amarok/Pyramido - Split LP (LP) Cover Art Amarok/Pyramido - Split LP (LP)

Includes a download card.

Amarok lay down fucking lava-esque doom with nice harmonies and triple vocals. They mix Khanate with Thou to create mind blowin' doom.

Pyramido is just seriously demented psychedelic-doom in the vein of Grief, Electric Wizard and Noothgrush. The band is doomy, sludgy, crusty, stoner-esque, and while their music is laced with generics, there is also something extremely well calculated about their brand of doomy sludge. But, there is less of the Electric Wizard and more of the Eyehategod, Goatsblood, Iron Monkey, and early High On Fire coming through the tunes on this split, even some hardcore; so I guess you could say its out goes the doom, in comes pure crusty, dry- retching, abrasive sludge.

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Ninth Moon Black - Chronophage (LP) Cover Art Ninth Moon Black - Chronophage (LP)

Dark, oppressive, instrumental post rock mixed with prog, psych, & doom... that's what you get on the latest release from Ninth Moon Black, titled Chronophage. Long songs meander and drone with slow, ponderous rhythms, doomy riffs, textured, often times lilting guitar melodies, and booming bass. If your tastes include bands like Neurosis, ISIS, and Pelican, Chronophage is certainly going to be right up your alley, as Ninth Moon Black have really conjured up a dark, twisted listening experience here that creates some serious tension and drama. The playing is pretty tight overall, but there are moments of loose experimenting as well as chilling atmosphere. Those who fancy vocals and memorable melodies might grow bored quickly at these ominous, often times meandering pieces. However, you have to give Ninth Moon Black credit for creating songs that deliver a real feeling of drama and menace, as it's not often that instrumental bands create moods as unsettling as what is on display here.

The initial listen of a new piece of music can have a profound impact on how it affects the listener from that point forward. Something is captured in that series of moments and simply lingers with the sound, memories resonating out from it. For Ninth Moon Black and Chronophage it was a late night-drive across state for a family visit that happened to be captured, to that end it’s difficult to imagine a more apt soundtrack for lazily gliding along the winding and passenger torturing length of 421. Hazy and laden with atmosphere and melody, Chronophage is a delight.

Highlights in particular being “Mors Carnis” and closer “Numeratio” are where the various elements that the band strives for (bits of psychedelia, progressive touches, and post-metal) comingle together best, undulating waves of melody and cautious fury. In this world of incessant also-rans and hacks (almost everything in post-metal a few years ago), it’s pleasant to find something largely on accident that can soak up a night and completely sweep the mind clean. Chronophage has been put through many listens since that initial drive but every time the memories etched into its sonic nuances resonate vividly. A work of poise and joy, Chronophage is among the biggest surprises of my year.

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Usnea - Self Titled (LP) Cover Art Usnea - Self Titled (LP)

Includes a download card.

Usnea fuse elements of funeral and death doom, sludge metal, black metal, and esoteric drone. Oppressive tone and volume combine with lyrics searching for meaning in a world full of oppression, human hierarchy and bleakness and fueled by the anger and despondency that are it's by-product... perhaps in the liberation of negativity we are truly freed.

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