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Abdullah - Graveyard Poetry (CD) Cover Art Abdullah - Graveyard Poetry (CD)

Abdullah has truly outdone themselves this time. If you have liked these cats in the past, then you will love this album. It's got all the great hooks and melodies that are Abdullah- but this is one louder and better. If you like classic rock/doom or metal of any sort and haven't gotten into these guys then this is a good time. This release surpasses many out this year on all sorts of levels. I am hooked.

They’ve outdone themselves this time. Graveyard Poetry is filled with lots of diversity – a few swirling psychedelics, hooks that grab you and won’t let go and crunching and bluesy guitar work – it’s loud, heavy, rocking songs but the doooooom is also still in full effect. This is a flawlessly produced album, full of energy, and the tracks flow nicely into each other.

Picture heads-down, take-no-prisoners, mid-'70s thunderboogie rolling thick and fast while some shirtless, long haired grunge god lays down impassioned cautionary tales of fleeting indulgences and the rocky seas ahead like an electric preacher in the Church of the Holy Freakout, and you've pretty much nailed this smooth ride. It's freedom rock for panicky days and restless nights, and it's quite clearly the best album of it's kind since Trouble's classic '92 dope dream "Manic Frustration".

Price: $12.99
Abdullah - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art Abdullah - Self Titled (CD)

The first band that I can associate with is Solitude Aeturnus. Doomy, good vocals and tons of soul and classic twists that are un-expected. But mainly the simplicity is genius in it's own way.

Killer songwriting, killer riffs, killer vocals, killer twists, full of emotion and passion and yes "genius" is a fair word to use for this album.. Brilliant stuff!!

Without hesitation or doubt I can say that Abdullah are one of the best bands I’ve heard in a while. …You really have to hear this thing to really appreciate what I'm saying.

Price: $12.99
Ararat - Musica de la Resistencia (CD) Cover Art Ararat - Musica de la Resistencia (CD)

MUSICA DE LA RESISTENCIA" is the debut solo album and latest creation/abomination from SERGIO CH. of Los Natas, Toba Trance, Solodolor, etc. Sergio is joined by his brother SANTIAGO CH. [piano] and many other musicians. This is heavy, deep, trance inducing JOURNEY MUSIC.

The music feels a closeness with Los Natas' "Toba Trance" albums, '60s psychedelia/experimental, Ektro Records, Stockhausen and the Indian/Native/Folk music of The Earth.

Price: $12.99
Atomic Bitchwax, The - 4 (Limited Edition) (CD) Cover Art Atomic Bitchwax, The - 4 (Limited Edition) (CD)


Includes a cover of Pink Floyd's "Astronomy Domine".

This record is indeed a grower and the more I hear it, the better it gets! The singing of Chris Kosnik and Finn Ryan continues to captivate these songs with hooks and melody alike. The musicianship is top-notch as usual with running bass lines and bluesy guitar leads throughout. New drummer Bob Pantella (Monster Magnet) does a great job as well. If you are a fan of the Bitchwax, especially of "3" and the studio tracks off of "Boxriff" then you should have no problem accepting these songs. But again, multiple listens are required because one run through will not do.

Price: $15.99
Atomic Bitchwax, The - Boxriff (with Bonus DVD) (2CD) Cover Art Atomic Bitchwax, The - Boxriff (with Bonus DVD) (2CD)

Includes a bonus DVD!!

In 2005, fresh off the heels of their appropriately titled third full-length, 3, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX hit the road hard. The drama surrounding the departure of guitarist Ed Mundell (also of MONSTER MAGNET) was long behind them, and for the lineup of Keith Ackerman (drums), Chris Kosnik (bass, vocals) and former CORE frontman Finn Ryan (guitar, vocals) the future looked great. So this is where the bus flips, right?

Wrong. The chronicle of THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX goes up, down, up and further up. So, in the middle of touring behind 3, the trio hit the brakes in Seattle to record four brand new studio tracks with Jack Endino. They also recorded a raucous live set at Seattle's Sunset Tavern.

Boxriff captures everything that makes THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX one of the planet's most criminally underrated rock bands. Catchy hooks, classic riffs, the airtight interplay of Kosnik and Ackerman's rhythms and Ryan's jazz-inspired interludes and solos. It's all right here on Boxriff!!

Price: $15.99
Atomic Bitchwax, The - Spit Blood (CD) Cover Art Atomic Bitchwax, The - Spit Blood (CD)

Enhanced CD with multimedia content!

Spit Blood is The Atomic Bitchwax's third official slab of retro-boogie. It's a mile-marking interim record that encompasses a few early cuts, some brand-new experiments in wildness, a wickedly cosmic version of AC/DC's stadium classic "Dirty Deeds," and a massive multimedia documentary containing audio, video, and text coverage of the Spit Blood recording process, along with interviews, links, discography, and tons more. Witness, mortals, the all-important third step in Bitchwax's ascent up the ladder toward rock'n'roll immortality!

Also packaged with Spit Blood for a limited time is MeteorCity's hellacious 2002 sampler of advance tracks of the best stuff the label's got on deck, including new material from Solace, Eternal Elysium, Orquesta Del Desierto, Slaprocket, The Mushroom River Band and The Ribeye Brothers. Every rock fan will get a killer package when they buy the new Bitchwax.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $12.99
Black Nasa - Deuce (CD) Cover Art Black Nasa - Deuce (CD)

If the Atomic Bitchwax are guitar-focused rock, Black Nasa are about easygoing rhythms and grooves. There’s nothing manic or out-of-control about Black Nasa, but they don’t need to be that way. What’s needed most, and what Deuce has in spades, is a good hook. "Thanks Anyways" features Shovelhead’s Jim LaPointe on second guitar, and his solos offer a welcome contrast to the slide playing of Duane Hutter. If you’re looking for top-down, driving down the highway music, look no further than Deuce. Like Brant Bjork’s work, Black Nasa manage to capture the essence of good times. Good is good, rock is rock and this album is damn good rock.

It is indeed killer. That twangy slide guitar sound from the first one has become more polished, spacey, and psychedelic.

Black Nasa brings the ROCK. No whiny introspection, no watered-down, formulaic bullshit, this is rock for anyone who’s pumped a fist to AC/DC or screamed along to a fat BTO chorus. Infectious, guitar-driven rock is a staple of American culture from Grand Funk Railroad to Monster Magnet to Mountain to Fu Manchu -- and there’s no substitute for the real thing.

Price: $13.99
Black Pyramid - II (CD) Cover Art Black Pyramid - II (CD)

Following a string of limited edition vinyl releases, Black Pyramid has returned with their highly anticipated sophomore album. Appropriately titled “II”, this is the album that Black Pyramid was born to make. Galloping metal anthems, skull-crushing epic doom and fuzzed-out psychedelia played expertly through the thickest and meanest production you’ve ever heard.

Price: $12.99
Blind Dog - Captain Dog Rides Again (CD) Cover Art Blind Dog - Captain Dog Rides Again (CD)

Well shit fire son; this here’s one badass rock ‘n’ roll record! Blind Dog were always the best band of MeteorCity’s Viking Rock Trifecta—outshining fellow Swedes, The Mushroom River Band and Lowrider. This in itself was no easy feat as both of those bands kick major ass, but Blind Dog always seemed to go the extra mile in terms of sonic breadth and interesting song structures.

With this their second release, the trio returns with the staples that made their debut album so damn good: burly guitars pushed up front in the mix, vocals that range from a soulful tenor to rasping angst, fuzzed out single note grooves, and massive riffs. The mix is perfect, with everything loud enough and in all the right places. The real treat is the songwriting.

This album has it all—gigantic riffs, a killer electric piano solo, guitars by the metric ton, waltzes, shuffles, an homage to Hendrix, and enough twists and turns to keep any listener engaged and surprised. Well done gentlemen. Well worth the wait.

Dynamic, passionate and intense, Blind Dog moves easily from smooth to bludgeoning, unleashing an unexpected sonic mix that simultaneously recalls the classic sounds of Superjudge-era Monster Magnet, the jazzy leanings of early Jethro Tull, and the aggressive death ‘n‚ roll of Entombed.

Price: $12.99
Boris - Fangsanalsatan (T-shirt) (Size: Medium) (T-shirt) Cover Art Boris - Fangsanalsatan (T-shirt) (Size: Medium) (T-shirt)

Silver metallic print on black T-shirt.

Officially licensed. Exclusively available from All That is Heavy and MeteorCity.

In Stock
Price: $6.66
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