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Detritivore - Pakt (CD) Cover Art Detritivore - Pakt (CD)

Limited edition of only 1000 CDs. Mastered by James Plotkin. Artwork by by Justin Bartlett.

Extreme Norwegian doom metal with elements of noise, drone, ambient, and black metal. A grim, oppressive atmosphere with dissonant guitars, haunting strings, a thundering tympani and monstrous riffs arranged across a canvas of noise, musique concrete, and ambience.

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Price: $10.99
Egypt - Self Titled (LP) Cover Art Egypt - Self Titled (LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies! Deluxe gatefold sleeve! Mastered by James Plotkin.

It's laid back stoner jams convey the arid desert of the Sahara. Sabbath (duh) dutifully rears its head amongst the influences, but not to the point where you’re hearing duplicate riffs exported from the ‘70’s. There’s also a more straightforward Hawkwind and classic Deep Purple style to the demo, as if Geezer had replaced Lemmy and the whole gang went on a shrooms bender, meeting up with Richie Blackmore later on for a couple of pints. Obviously, this is good stuff and worth seeking out if you’re looking for something to jumpstart your love of good ol’ heavy bluesy doom rock.

I like how the songs slowly pull you in with simplicity and than build to epic proportions. Sweet!

Definitely a fundamental item for any stoner rock purist's collection.

Price: 65,000 pts
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