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Behold! The Living Corpse - Self Titled (LP) Cover Art Behold! The Living Corpse - Self Titled (LP)

Featuring Sanford Parker (Buried at Sea and producer of Pelican, Rwake) and Velcro Lewis and Bill Roe (Velcro Lewis and His 100 Proof Band

Limited edition one time pressing of only 500 copies on heavy vinyl!

This "very limited release" is a collection of five songs, featuring one track from each year of this collaboration featuring Sanford Parker (Buried at Sea and producer of Pelican, Rwake) and Velcro Lewis and Bill Roe (Velcro Lewis and His 100 Proof Band), with a cast of other Chicago veterans. Dueling distorted basses, titanically resonant drums, and layers of demonic crooning paint an apocalyptic landscape where the stench of Godflesh, charring in a distant Buzzoven, fills the air. The production is wholly Sanford's trademark warm, analog sound and the tracks are surprisingly coherent in feel and production given the span of time across which these were recorded. These songs are absolutely a trip down a dark, dark path. Before you see the light you must die and the catharsis of becoming the living corpse begins with the noises of overdriven Hell downloading into your pathetic mortal brain until you are at last revived by the feeling of carnivorous seabirds peacefully pecking at your zombie brain.

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Price: $20.99
Drug War - Aim High (LP) Cover Art Drug War - Aim High (LP)

Limited edition one time pressing of only 500 copies on heavy vinyl!

Way heavy Boston sludge punk from some of the dudes that brought you Milligram.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $6.66
Earthride - Self Titled (10 inch) Cover Art Earthride - Self Titled (10 inch)

Extremely limited edition one time pressing! Vinyl reissue of Earthride's incredibly rare self-titled, self-released EP from 2000.

David Sherman's (Spirit Caravan) weathered, Lemmy-esque vocals front a brooding midnight ride beneath glowering, storm-heavy skies. With Eric Little (Internal Void) on drums, Kyle Vansteinburg on guitar, and Joe Ruthvin on bass Earthride smoothly navigates the cairn-bordered road between Spirit Caravan and Motorhead.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $21.99
Fistula - For a Better Tomorrow (10 inch) Cover Art Fistula - For a Better Tomorrow (10 inch)

Limited edition one time pressing of only 500 copies on heavy vinyl!

Grab the rot gut whiskey and unfiltered cigarettes, because Fistula's back with a new EP, For a Better Tomorrow. The two year absence has done little to temper the band (Bing, guitarist/vocalist Bahb Branca, and new drummer, 16's Jason Corley). If you're unfamiliar with the band, I guess the best way of describing them is southern swamp sludge, ala Eyehategod. It's a suffocating sound, with a wall of guitars, the bass in lockstep, pounding drums, and anguished, hoarse vocals. Mostly slow and sometimes fast, this three-piece channels hate in its purest, darkest form. Lyrically, they're just as bitter. Fistula fans rejoice – it's another solid album by a band that still doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

Not as much of the more up-tempo thrashy stuff that was on their split with Burmese, this is mostly a return to the slower style of the earlier recordings. Corey's vocals just drip with rage and hate here. This stuff would be cathartic even for violent criminals in lock-down.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $6.66
Noosebomb - Man's Best Friend (Picture Disc) (7 inch) Cover Art Noosebomb - Man's Best Friend (Picture Disc) (7 inch)

Limited edition of only 500 copies!

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $6.66
Ocean Chief/Kongh - Split LP (LP) Cover Art Ocean Chief/Kongh - Split LP (LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies.

Kongh's “Drifting on Waves” has a lot in common with YOB epics like “Catharsis” and “The Mental Tyrant” - it’s mesmerizing, complex in arrangement, and resonates long after it’s over.

Ocean Chief brings out the bluesy roots of doom as well as its founders, Black Sabbath. On “Freja,” Ocean Chief rains down riff after colossal riff.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $16.99
Pennsylvania Connection - The Heavy Days (CD) Cover Art Pennsylvania Connection - The Heavy Days (CD)

Pennsylvania Connection has a straight forward heavy dirge rock that is often noisy much in the way of Unsane. Dirty tones and chugging riffs, gritty almost hardcore vocals painted over the top of the whole musical canvas. About the closest thing overall I can compare this to is somewhere between Unsane and Kung Pao. It's heavy hard hitting angry riff after riff with tuned down madness. Recommended with a couple of beers after a bad Monday at the office...if you work in an office. ROCK!

The production is killer and the songs are great. Everyone reading this should get the album for the lyrics alone, morally bankrupt to the core.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $0.99
Ravens Creed - Militia of Blood Sacrifice (7 inch) Cover Art Ravens Creed - Militia of Blood Sacrifice (7 inch)

Features members of Orange Goblin and Iron Monkey! Limited edition of only 500 copies on thick black vinyl!

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $8.99
Raw Radar War - Double Equals (LP) Cover Art Raw Radar War - Double Equals (LP)

Features Jonah Jenkins (Milligram/Only Living Witness).

Limited edition one time pressing of only 500 copies on heavy vinyl! Hand silkscreened covers!

If there’s a correlation between Raw Radar War and Milligram, it’s the angry, nihilistic rage of “Let’s Kill.” Otherwise, Raw Radar War is far removed from the heavy riffs of Milligram. Instead, the band takes an early hardcore assault and occasionally meshes it with crushing doom. Jonah Jenkins (Milligram/Only Living Witness) barks out the vocals, eschewing any semblance of singing. But with songs this violent, singing would be completely inappropriate. So what you’re getting is a collection of fast and deadly punches to the head. Double Equals is not only a triumphant return to music for Jonah Jenkins but also an awe-inspiring album. It's incredibly vicious and will cause severe metal neck.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $6.66
Rwake - Hell is a Door to the Sun (2LP) Cover Art Rwake - Hell is a Door to the Sun (2LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies on 220 gram vinyl! Artworks by Brain Mercer and John Dyer Baizley. Deluxe gatefold sleeve!

'Hell Is A Door To The Sun' contains Rwake's most accomplished material to date. Combining sludge, doom and experimental metal with explosive results. Throughout the 50 minutes the tracks on the cd twist, turn and writhe, taking the listener on a nightmarish, but ultimately addictive journey through the musical landscape mentioned above and more. One listen to this record and you will never be the same again!

One part Monster Magnet "Spine of God" era space rock psychedelia, two parts Eyehategod sludgecore and three parts Leechmilk technical prowess = Rwake. Fucking brilliant and fucking fresh as hell! If you're looking to get your ass thoroughly kicked - pick this one up!

More of that doomy hardcore stuff from Rwake. It's the vein of music that really gets under my skin right away. These guys are another band that fit on a bill with Bongzilla and Eyehategod...not exactly the same sounds so to speak, but definitely would fit accordingly on a bill with any of the aformentioned bands. Hardcore metal influenced with lots of parts to keep it interesting, and a unique blend of acoustic clean sounding guitars over fuzzed out bass at times...kind of twists the mind. Check these guys if you like the one step further part of stoner rock, you know...bands that would be on Ampehtamine Reptile records and/or Relapse alike.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $27.99
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