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Clutch - Slow Hole to China (Rare and Unreleased) (Red Marble) (LP) Cover Art Clutch - Slow Hole to China (Rare and Unreleased) (Red Marble) (LP)

Limited edition of only 1000 copies on red marble vinyl!

This album kicks arse and is the best Clutch release since Jam Room. It is essentially a collection of unreleased demos, re-recorded and compiled for us lucky listeners. Overall a top release and well worth a purchase for Clutch fans. For people who haven't heard them, it's as good an album as any to get started with.

This is a damn good album. Reminds me of Led Zeppelin's Physical Graffiti the way the songs are all from different times and sessions yet all flow together.

Fucking great album. Can't get "Sea of Destruction" outta my head.

Price: 46,000 pts
Hawg Jaw - Don't Trust Nobody (Picture Disc) (LP) Cover Art Hawg Jaw - Don't Trust Nobody (Picture Disc) (LP)

Limited edition picture disc.

On Don't Trust Nobody, the band, which features some Eyehategod and The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight cronies, pulls back from the sludge-core sound of Send Out the Dogs and embraces a more hardcore vibe. The singing is more of a bark, the lyrics spat out than sung, and the backing instrumentation is just as stripped down. It's a lesson in minimalistic violence, as ungainly and painful as being pushed down a flight of stairs. So if you're in the mood for something with SST production and delivery, you might want to check out Hawg Jaw. It's a little more raw than Send Out the Dogs and a little more feral.

Low Stock
Price: $19.99
Suplecs - Sad Songs... Better Days (LP) Cover Art Suplecs - Sad Songs... Better Days (LP)

First time ever on vinyl! Limited edition of only 250 copies on black vinyl.

Bass-driven songs sung through a megaphone, heavily influenced by Nebula and Fu Manchu. Suplecs features Danny Nick of Eyehategod.

Low Stock
Price: $26.99
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