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DoomDogs - Self Titled (Deluxe Edition) (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art DoomDogs - Self Titled (Deluxe Edition) (IMPORT) (CD)

Limited edition of only 500 digipack copies.

DoomDogs play uglified stoner doom with crust and doomcore-ish elements. Sort of like mixing Crowbar and a slowed down Kyuss with Neurosis and Cult of Luna. Due to their tendencies to go all out stoner, or to simply make experimental twists from time to time, the band doesn't always stay on the "pure" doom metal track. DoomDogs members have all played in lots of other bands before, but it's DoomDogs vocalist Tomas "GG" Eriksson who has the most famous history. He was the drummer in the original line-up of the classic Swedish death black metal band Grotesque, a precursor to At the Gates, one of the original creators of the "Gothenburg sound". 'GG' has also played guitar in numerous thrash progressive and doom death metal bands like Intoxicate and Runemagick. He also played bass in some thrash hardcore bands, and he was the lead vocalist in Valedictory (Progressive Rock), Ancient Dreams (Candlemass tribute band) and Kung Diamant (King Diamond tribute band).

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Druid Lord - Hymns for the Wicked (with Bonus Tracks) (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Druid Lord - Hymns for the Wicked (with Bonus Tracks) (IMPORT) (CD)

2 bonus tracks taken from the Druid Death Cult 7 inch.

Okay, if Druid Lord doesn't have a lair, I'm going to be very disappointed. Ideally it should be in a partially ruined castle on a hilltop crowded with dead trees and surrounded by a spiked rusty iron fence. There will need to be a decrepit graveyard nearby. The only access will be a stretch of lonely road with lots of potholes and trees ready to fall in the way of oncoming vehicles. Being on the way to a favourite coed party spot would be a bonus. If you're not getting an idea of what to expect from Druid Lord yet, either I'm not as good a writer as I thought or you're a post-operative lobotomy patient. Hymns for the Wicked should have been the soundtrack to every horror movie Dario Argento ever made.

I'm not making these comparisons lightly. Scan through the Hymns track list: “Chamber of Ghastly Horror”, “Castle of Count Sadist”, “Baron Blood”. Listening to this album, gave me flashbacks to movies like Blood Feast, Demons, and those old Hammer Horror flicks with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in them. Something about the slow crushing grind of these songs (not to mention the lyrics) put me in mind of the creeping suspense these kinds of movies evoke... blood running down the walls. Horrific shadow silhouettes. Knives in the dark. Something ghastly under the floorboards. Hymns is... man, I don't want to say “old school” because that's sort of the equivalent of saying someone is “nice” or “has a good sense of humor”. But getting away from the old school label here is like trying to escape the guy in the human-skin mask when your leg is broken and you've already taken a good solid couple of hits to the head with a hammer. This is old school death in a casket with the lid nailed on by doom.

Familiar ground in both cases (death/doom), but if it's anything, it's an old Indian burial ground, and we all know what happens when you build on that kind of foundation. Druid Lord has released the angry spirits, and they are coming to live inside your body and make you do awful, awful things. And you're going to enjoy it.

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Earthride - Taming of the Demons (Picture Disc) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Earthride - Taming of the Demons (Picture Disc) (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies! Deluxe die cut sleeve!! Features members of Spirit Caravan and Internal Void.

This is the sleeper album of the year. It`s similar to their first EP, but much better and I highly recommend to all you doom, Sabbath, Motorhead, Wino fans out there.


Earthride are a another incredible band from the Doom Capitol/ Maryland, the fertile breeding ground that has spawned: Pentagram, Internal Void, Wretched, Iron Man, Unorthodox, and of course Spirit Caravan. In fact, there's connections to some of these bands, drummer Eric Little was in Internal Void, and singer Dave Sherman was in Wretched and also played bass in Spirit Caravan (along with sharing vocal duties with guitar god, Wino). The Earthride sound is a brutal combination of Sherms' whiskey burned, Lemmy-esque vokills trainwrecked into a punishing mountain of doom. One listen to the mammoth wall of guitar that Kyle (sonic titan) Van Steinburg blankets over the concrete rythym section and its obvious that Earthride holds their own. "Taming of the Demons" is the bands first official full-length recording and was recorded by acclaimed producer Chris Koslowski (Pentagram, Spirit Caravan, Internal Void the Obsessed) in their hometown of Maryland.

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Procession - Destroyers of the Faith (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Procession - Destroyers of the Faith (IMPORT) (CD)

Procession are a band for whom being clad in black is not nearly dark enough to suit their tastes. Playing a beautifully melancholic form of Doom that sits in its majestic and morose manner, somewhere between Black Sabbath and Candlemass with several shades of the late, lamented Reverend Bizarre. Procession seem to have both the talent and the attitude to live up to the lofty press-release claim that they could succeed Reverend Bizarre as leaders of the Doom scene.

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Wolfhead - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Wolfhead - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD)

The end product of a jam session between members of Between the Frost and Graveyard (Death Metal band) youd probably be forgiven for expecting something more in the traditional Death Metal stylings, but you would be completely wrong. Wolfhead are all about the Doom, and its Doom in its original and therefore purest format. The likes of Sabbath, Pentagram, Trouble and Count Raven in particular, with singer Iban Arrietas voice having a modern swing on the classic 70s style. The guitars are solid and groovy, although they still know how to pack a punch on the more powerful numbers.

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