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Buffalo - Temporada de Huracanes (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Buffalo - Temporada de Huracanes (IMPORT) (CD)

Claudio's (ex-Natas bass player) new band! If you like Natas you will LOVE Buffalo - check out the MP3 and see for yourself!! Specially imported directly from Argentina! The CD also includes an interactive track, with lyrics, video interviews, live songs and more!

For those that aren't familiar with Buffalo, it is headed up by former Natas bassist Claudio and is a different ball of wax than that of Los Natas to say the least...but you can tell where the roots are coming from, or where they appeared before. First off, this stuff is definitely a bit more Stoner Rock derivative with it's desert riffs, classic rock hooks...all in all this CD is full of one hard hitting song after another, digging in and never letting up throughout.

Some of the music of Buffalo reminds me of Dozer with it's high energy busy riffs and trucking rhythms throughout. You know that fuzzed out guitars and heavy line after line of pounding goodness? It's all there at times. Other times it's spatial with Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here/Animals' era keyboard segments in between the longer structured songs.

Not that this album is all chalked up to 'sounding like Dozer' or early Monster Magnet either, it's got some great experimental moments showing that there is some connection between Natas and Buffalo and that the influence is tracing over from the past. Vocals are all sung in their own language (Spanish) and really adds to the overall sound if you ask me, I wish more bands would do this really. All in all it's a good album with a great classic sound tons of vintage sounding effects and the production is above and beyond the call of duty. Get this one if you like stuff that doesn't have a certain agenda but definitely falls in the stoner/desert category.

Price: $32.99
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