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Abdullah/Dragonauta - Split CD (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Abdullah/Dragonauta - Split CD (IMPORT) (CD)

Abdullah still knows how to lay down somber dirges, so fans of their earlier sound will enjoy tracks like “Seven Doors” or “With Guilt.” They branch even further past their metal influences and inject some Discharge-style hardcore.

Dragonauta's share an equal affinity for classic doom and classic metal, but this five-piece’s execution is decidedly different than Abdullah’s. There’s more of a Venom/Slayer attitude to the doom. The live tracks have more of a prog feel to them, to the point where I thought it was another band altogether. Both bands are expanding their sound, incorporating a wider range of influences.

This CD is a good milestone release for Abdullah and Dragonauta and is worth checking out if you want to see how doom’s evolving in this day and age.

Abdullah's songs continue in the bleak, dark vein of their previous releases. Tracks like "Seven Doors" and "With Guilt" are traditional doom classics. The vocals are melodic, yet strong enough to sustain the plodding groove.

Forget the psychedelic and progressive passages of Dragonauta's last release Luciferatu. This time they go more downtuned and step a little harder on the gas pedal. Although they turned a little more heavy on this one the outstanding instrumentation is still there.

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Price: $6.66
Astroqueen/Buffalo - Split CD (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Astroqueen/Buffalo - Split CD (IMPORT) (CD)

This enhanced CD includes a video by each band and a cover of Metallica's "The Four Horsemen" by Buffalo!!

Astroqueen from Sweden officially produce some of the FATTEST, grooviest and fuzziest riffs EVER!! The 6 new songs on this split show a much more developed and mature Astroqueen. Think Dozer meets Voivod (if you can :). Very dynamic and very fresh!!

Buffalo is a perfect match for Astroqueen with their harder edged Los Natas meets Megadeth sound. The new songs on this split are even heavier and pack more punch than the songs on their full length. The nearly 8 minute long fuzz-rock cover of Metallica's "The Four Horsemen" is just one highlight on a CD packed with highlights!!

Among their Swedish, can’t-write-a-bad-song-if-they-tried brethren, Astroqueen are probably closest to Dozer. Astroqueen, however, have a thicker, heavier sound. There’s also more aggression in the vocals yet they still maintaining a high level of melody. Buffalo stick with the Kyuss-inspired riffing, but tune it down and crank it up. They’ve got cut-with-a-knife distortion that makes tracks like “Tormento” and “Jesus, el Arquitecto” loud even at the lowest volume level. With Astroqueen and Buffalo contributing six and five songs respectively (and a video a piece) this is enough to give you a concrete feel for both bands without short changing you on content.

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Price: $14.99
Buffalo - 30 Dias de Oscuridad (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Buffalo - 30 Dias de Oscuridad (IMPORT) (CD)

The new Buffalo is a wonderful, heavy ass kicking borderline metallic CD that has a hook in every song. This is muddy fuzzed out bass booming heavy stoner rock tunage.

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Price: $14.99
Buffalo - Karma (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Buffalo - Karma (IMPORT) (CD)

Karma pulls back on some of the more metal leanings found on their split with Astroqueen and is more in line with Temporada de Huracanes in terms of overall sound. A solid stomp of a rhythm and thick, distorted guitar is all you really need, but Buffalo takes it one step further with some tasty melodic leads. Two killer tunes are “Hombre Ciego,” where the three-piece takes a more easy-going approach, allowing a fluid, Kyuss-like bass riff to take center stage, and “Ciudad Perro,” the instrumental that closes the album. On that track, the band really shines as musicians. What Karma does best is show growth. It’s a welcome step forward and well worth your time.

All eleven songs keep within the stoner, desert, and doom genres, but the songwriting brings you on a trip with so many interesting stops and psychadelic turns it really is incredible.

On Buffalo's Karma, the songs are more complex and elaborated than their previous releases. The production is clear the guitars are huge and the sound is powerful.

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Price: $6.66
Buffalo - Temporada de Huracanes (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Buffalo - Temporada de Huracanes (IMPORT) (CD)

Claudio's (ex-Natas bass player) new band! If you like Natas you will LOVE Buffalo - check out the MP3 and see for yourself!! Specially imported directly from Argentina! The CD also includes an interactive track, with lyrics, video interviews, live songs and more!

For those that aren't familiar with Buffalo, it is headed up by former Natas bassist Claudio and is a different ball of wax than that of Los Natas to say the least...but you can tell where the roots are coming from, or where they appeared before. First off, this stuff is definitely a bit more Stoner Rock derivative with it's desert riffs, classic rock hooks...all in all this CD is full of one hard hitting song after another, digging in and never letting up throughout.

Some of the music of Buffalo reminds me of Dozer with it's high energy busy riffs and trucking rhythms throughout. You know that fuzzed out guitars and heavy line after line of pounding goodness? It's all there at times. Other times it's spatial with Pink Floyd 'Wish You Were Here/Animals' era keyboard segments in between the longer structured songs.

Not that this album is all chalked up to 'sounding like Dozer' or early Monster Magnet either, it's got some great experimental moments showing that there is some connection between Natas and Buffalo and that the influence is tracing over from the past. Vocals are all sung in their own language (Spanish) and really adds to the overall sound if you ask me, I wish more bands would do this really. All in all it's a good album with a great classic sound tons of vintage sounding effects and the production is above and beyond the call of duty. Get this one if you like stuff that doesn't have a certain agenda but definitely falls in the stoner/desert category.

Price: $32.99
Dragonauta - Cabra Macabra (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Dragonauta - Cabra Macabra (IMPORT) (CD)

Dragonauta found a way to mix their doom roots with old school metal. They didn't leave behind the Sabbath, Cathedral and Sleep influences. Instead, they added Venom Celtic Frost and even some old school thrash metal.

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Price: $6.66
Dragonauta - Luciferatu (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Dragonauta - Luciferatu (IMPORT) (CD)

This is an enhanced CD. It includes live videos and other special features.

Take the sounds of King Crimson, Sabbath and Hendrix and put it in a blender and you would get something close to Dragonauta's sound. Luciferatu is a progressive classic rock album like a lost treasure out of the late 60's.

The sound/production is crisp and well thought out from all angles. Sometimes these guys are playing super heavy, overdriven with screaming vocals, and at other times it's acoustic based numbers with melodic vocals. Well I got to hand it to these cats, they outdid themselves for certain. Doom, metal, classic rock and stoner rock, these guys have an excellent take on what is going on. This album is highly recommended!

If you have the split with Los Natas, that was flour from another sack. Dragonauta really improve themselves on Luciferatu. The music is much heavier (especially the voice) and complex. The addition of a second guitar player adds a broad amount of arrangements that go from jazzy, to progressive, to psychedelic, to heavy metal. It´s not square, straight forward doom. The songs have a lot of different textures never heard by gringos (a lot of 70s Argentinean bands influences) and you can hear them from the get go. By the way, three of the tracks have English lyrics, so don´t complain. If you want to hear something different from the doom side of stoner get this one.

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Price: $6.66
Taura - Mil Silencios (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Taura - Mil Silencios (IMPORT) (CD)

The sounds call to mind Kyuss, early Queens of the Stone Age, Dozer and even Alice in Chains, with house-sized riffs contrasting with a laid-back ballad or two. The songwriting is universally good and the passion is definitely there.

What Taura offers on the 14 track Mil Silencios is Kyuss-influenced rock with a decidedly radio-friendly bent. The band is writing some pretty kickin' rockers.

Argentinean Taura place both feet firmly on the ground and slug their way through some seriously dense riffage. A power quartet of the finest order, Taura write songs that burn a path right through to your soul. Sung in their native Spanish the songs take on a life of exotic seduction with magnanimous effect.

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Price: $11.99
Various Artists - Listen Without Distraction (A Tribute to Kyuss) (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Various Artists - Listen Without Distraction (A Tribute to Kyuss) (IMPORT) (CD)

First Kyuss tribute CD ever!! Includes cover songs performed by Los Natas, Buffalo and 14 other heavy Argentinean bands! Liner notes by Scott Reeder!!

What you'll get with this CD is 16 Argentinean bands performing Kyuss songs as they perceive those compositions. Each group has put their mark on each song, and since that was a goal since the beginning, I'm proud of what we achieved. This is our tribute to Kyuss, the band that has taught us to listen without distraction. So do it.

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Price: $6.66
Various Artists - Loco Gringos Have a Party (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Various Artists - Loco Gringos Have a Party (IMPORT) (CD)

Subtitled "The South American Stoner Rock Collection" and featuring 17 of the very best stoner rock bands from Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Peru including Los Natas, Buffalo and Reino Ermitano!!!

The interesting thing about Loco Gringos Have a Party, comprised of Argentinean, Brazilan groups (and one from Peru), is that the bands’ influences run closer to metal than rock. Instead of Blue Cheer, there’s Megadeth. Sure, there are bands that take the more obvious path cleared by Fu Manchu, Queens of the Stone Age, and the like, but more seem steeped in the riffs of the ‘80s. There’s the groove associated with the genre, but it also stomps. An appreciation for Motorhead is another common unifier amongst the bands. I heard a good half dozen or so tracks that paid tribute to that influential act. Loco Gringos Have a Party is proof that good unique music that you can relate to can be found anywhere.

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Price: $14.99
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