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Ararat/Solodolor - Split 10 inch (IMPORT) (10 inch) Cover Art Ararat/Solodolor - Split 10 inch (IMPORT) (10 inch)

Limited edition of only 1000 copies. Artwork by Malleus. Solodolor features members from Porn, Los Natas and Santoro. Ararat is the solo project of Sergio CH. of Los Natas.

Solodolor is a project that saw the light in 2006 during the production of the Los Natas recording sessions of El Hombre Montana. Producer Billy Anderson and Natas lead guitarist Sergio Ch. had some free time on their hands and while jamming they invited friends to join them. By the end of the night songs had taken form and after rehearsing a bit, several songs were recorded. This project consists of bassist Billy Anderson (Porn, Blessing the Hogs), guitarist Sergio Ch (Los Natas, Santoro), drummer Rowek (V8, Rata Blanca, Nativo), and vocalist El Topo (Santoro, Eight Hands For Kali). These guys just wanted to have fun jamming, but what crawled out of their inspiration were some awesome metal tunes inspired by heavy and death metal, loud old school hardcore punk and everything in between that will blast your ears.

Sergio Ch., lead guitarist and head honcho of the Argentinean stoner band Los Natas, talked his good friend El Topo (Santoro, Eight Hands For Kali) into joining him to record some songs. The result is the Los Natas Ararat sessions droning cult psychodelic music Toba Trance style with some weird vocals put into them.

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Artimus Pyledriver - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Artimus Pyledriver - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD)

What you get with this Georgia five-piece is pure hell yeah rawk. Artimus Pyledriver fall (or collapse drunkenly) in that same niche of freakishly good rock as RPG and Throttlerod. The recipe’s easy enough – mix two parts AC/DC with one part Lynrd Skynrd and add a touch of Nazareth. Dave Slocum sings with Brian Johnson-like coarseness while the rest of the band churns out nine different versions of kick-ass. The production, done by the band, Matt Washburn, and Dave Angstrom, is how rock albums should sound. It’s polished enough that you can hear each respective instrument, but not to the point where the band lose its natural grittiness.

Fantastic band, fantastic production and if you like your music somewhere between Sludge like Mugwart and Metal like Alabama Thunderpussy and vocals which sound like a mixture between Angry of Rose Tattoo and Brian of AC/DC...then brothers and sisters this album is a must buy for you...highly recommended.

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Cabron - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Cabron - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD)

A very tight, concrete, energetic and driven sound which creates a cross mix between Queens of the Stone Age and AC/DC. Solid rock is what these guys have to offer.

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Cortez - Thunder in a Forgotten Town (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Cortez - Thunder in a Forgotten Town (IMPORT) (CD)

They offer up a simple six-course meal of no bullshit, thick-as-a-brick heavy rock that's inspired by the usual '70's suspects (Deep Purple, Sabbath), a couple of left fielders (Cactus, Neil Young), and fits squarely in the “stoner” sub-category.

The definition of said genre stretches far and wide these days, but Cortez manages to tie it all together and claim it as their own. Put it this way - “Lost Control” has the menacing, rumbling heft of Orange Goblin whereas the anthemic “Stone the Bastards” brings to mind fellow label mates Generous Maria, and yet in the context of Thunder in a Forgotten Town, it still sounds like five dudes from New England who're banging out some honest heavy. Honestly good too.

Somewhere in Boston, five friends have laid down six mammoth tracks of fuzz rock action with a lot of smoking stoner grooves on a metallic plate. I was immediately struck by the power vocals, Curtis sounds a bit like Dan Kerzwick (Sixty Watt Shaman) and Neil Fallon (Clutch). The music on Thunder In A Forgotten Town flows real well from song to song and has the right amount of groove that retains your attention til the last minute.

With “Thunder in a Forgotten Town” the Bostonians that make up Cortez deliver a solid stoner album. There’s nothing on here that you haven’t heard before from bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu or even High On Fire, but they’re doing a pretty decent job of cranking up the guitars and churning out some doomy riffs along with more solo action than any single man with access to internet porn will see. Add a singer who more than knows how to handle himself to the equation and you’re looking at another fun release on the best – if not only – Belgian stoner label, Buzzville Records.

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Cowboys & Aliens - A Trip to the Stonehenge Colony (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Cowboys & Aliens - A Trip to the Stonehenge Colony (IMPORT) (CD)

Cowboys & Aliens have a unique sound of melodic vocals and hard rock riffs. From chugging along to steady hard hitting rock and roll... Mostly just straight forward...along the same lines of Clutch or Unida, nice and heavy with good singing.

The first thing I took notice of when this CD started spinning in my CD- player was Henk V.´s vocals... think a cross between John Garcia and Robert Plant, it´s one of the better voice´s in this genre I´ve heard in a long time. And Cowboys & Aliens aren´t bad when it comes to the musical side either... they´re just as good, or even a bit better, as some of the bands from Holland like Celestial Season 7Zuma7 and Candybar Planet.

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Cowboys & Aliens - Love, Sex, Volume (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Cowboys & Aliens - Love, Sex, Volume (IMPORT) (CD)

The first thing I took notice of was Henk V.´s vocals... think a cross between John Garcia and Robert Plant, it´s one of the better voice´s in this genre I´ve heard in a long time. And Cowboys & Aliens aren´t bad when it comes to the musical side either... they´re just as good, or even a bit better, as some of the bands from Holland like Celestial Season, 7Zuma7 and Candybar Planet.

This CD is classic rock riff heavy, often reminding me of some of the progressive qualities of bands like Operator Generator or Spirit Caravan. The songs are all headbanging numbers that have driving tempos similar to Orange Goblin. The vocals are very melodic and strong and paint over the overdriven guitar textures nicely. It seems that Cowboys and Aliens have their own little formula for writing hard rock tunes- and is reflection in every song. Let's just say that they are definitely carving their own ideas out of classic rock. Great stuff if you are into bands like Unida, Orange Goblin Nebula...Hard riff rock and good times seems to be the attitude taken on by Cowboys and Aliens...nothing wrong with that. File this one near Time Traveling Blues.

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Price: $16.99
Deville - Come Heavy Sleep (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Deville - Come Heavy Sleep (IMPORT) (CD)

While the tell-tale Swedish rock aesthetic is prevalent throughout all 13 tracks, the four-piece manages to push out some heavier than expected moments, as on “Black Dawn” and “Rise Above.” Both tracks have a rumbling tone that falls between the syrup of Acid King and the pile-driving mayhem of Black Cobra and are immediate highlights of Come Heavy Sleep. There's a bit of radio sensibility – in both the vocals and the composition - to Deville as well. Come Heavy Sleep does the job of laying down some kick ass stoner rock. Lots of good songs on this one.

The C.O.C., as well as the KYUSS desert rock influences are continuously present, evidenced by the warm grooves that reverberate throughout the disc. Add a little bit of a 90's alt rock flavor, (SOUNDGARDEN, NIRVANA, etc…) and you've pretty much nailed the DEVILLE sound.

Take some groovy rhythms, buzzing guitars and tight drumming and slap a whole bunch of guitar solos on it and use the word ‘baby’ a lot and you’re looking at an album that will help get every self-respecting stoner fan through the day. Yes, the spirit of Kyuss shines strong in this one, young Padawan. But there’s more shining on this album here… these guys aren’t afraid to take their foot off of the gas pedal every now and then – like on “Sweet Blood” - and the result is just as impressive as everything else on “Come Heavy Sleep”.

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Price: $6.66
Deville - Hail the Black Sky (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Deville - Hail the Black Sky (IMPORT) (CD)

While spinning the new Deville album Hail the Black Sky, I had an overwhelming urge to lie down on the carpet and make a (what I like to call) Fuzz Angel. Somewhat similar to a Snow Angel only you flap your arms very fast until you build up enough static electricity to power a small car, then run around screaming "RELEASE THE FUZZ!!!". Typical Saturday night at my house. Anyhow... Hail the Black Sky definitely releases the fuzz, delivering a nonstop barrage of catchy hooks and memorable riffs. Any track from Hail the Black Sky wouldn't sound out of place sandwiched in between a Foo Fighters and a Queens of the Stone Age song, making fans of those bands say, "What the hell was that?, That rules!!".

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Electric Red - In This Machine (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Electric Red - In This Machine (IMPORT) (CD)

Musically Electric Red pull from a broad range of musical styles to create their impressive wall of crunch. The early 90's New York post-hardcore sound of Quicksand and Helmet is still a prime jumping off point as off beat rhythms play alongside big slabs of distorted guitar but it's also possible to detect the more textural elements of bands such as Mastodon or Baroness mixed up with the pummelling stoner pop of Torche. The band also claim influence from bands such as Kyuss and Clutch which may be less evident but does manifest itself in the huge grooves they find themselves falling into.

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Generous Maria - Command of the New Rock (Re-issue) (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Generous Maria - Command of the New Rock (Re-issue) (IMPORT) (CD)

Bonus tracks taken from their 7" Crawl Back in, Tungt Svenskt and the Snake Oil Supercharm compiliation.

When first released, Command of the New Rock was a competent example of a budding rock scene, but the ...2005 Edition can easily be described as “classic” stoner rock. It’s got all the hallmarks of what gave the genre its identity – an equal love of Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, and Kyuss, thick, fuzzy riffs, and grooves so thick you could insulate your walls with ‘em. And based on the four bonus tracks – the impetus for those who got the original to pick up the ...2005 Edition – Generous Maria have no inclination to change what they’re doing. If you’re looking for a record that helped define what stoner rock is all about you should check out Command of the New Rock – 2005 Edition.

A mix of the heavyness of Black Sabbath and the groove of Grand Funk Railroad.

Like a Led Zeppelin in symbiosis with Kyuss.

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Price: $15.99
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