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Electric Red - In This Machine (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Electric Red - In This Machine (IMPORT) (CD)

Musically Electric Red pull from a broad range of musical styles to create their impressive wall of crunch. The early 90's New York post-hardcore sound of Quicksand and Helmet is still a prime jumping off point as off beat rhythms play alongside big slabs of distorted guitar but it's also possible to detect the more textural elements of bands such as Mastodon or Baroness mixed up with the pummelling stoner pop of Torche. The band also claim influence from bands such as Kyuss and Clutch which may be less evident but does manifest itself in the huge grooves they find themselves falling into.

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Mogul - Build Me a Hunchback (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Mogul - Build Me a Hunchback (IMPORT) (CD)

Unida, Hermano, Monster Magnet and Kyuss fans, please pay attention to the following! From Belgium hails this new sensational stoner rock band Mogul! Good old fashioned stoner rock with the cosmic approach to songs and melodies. I cannot discover one flaw on this record.

Build Me A Hunchback is just another plain ol' good rock album!! Just like Kyuss and Monster Magnet used to make 'em. So what else is there to say, besides comparing? The guitars fuzz the shit out of ya, the vocals are great (a friend of mine heard it, and thought it was a new Hermano album), the drums are what they should be and more and the bassplayer knows his stuff and adds some nice extra tones to the album! Personal favourite, being a stoner, is the last song on the album. Josh Homme himself could have written it. I love this stuff!!

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Sideburn - The Newborn Sun (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Sideburn - The Newborn Sun (IMPORT) (CD)

Sideburn chases the '70's arena gods – Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin predominantly, but you can pick up scant traces of Uriah Heep and Mountain here and there as well. Given the current year and the band's age it's not surprising that Sideburn's take on that style is also fairly bombastic.

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Solenoid - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Solenoid - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD)

Now, that's an opener. Opening song 'Out in the Cold' sounds like an unpolished collaboration between Motörhead and Orange Goblin, and sets the expectations for the rest of the album high. And most of those pay off. The influences of the first song stand firm, albeit that the emphasis is put more and more on stoner and technical metal. With catchy songs, wailing leads, lots of variation (listen to the very heavy metal in Slayin'!) and excellent vocals Solenoid may very well become the pole bearer of Belgian stoner. In any case they leave their most famous brothers in the genre, Cowboys and Aliens, miles behind.

First and foremost there are two guitarists who, apart from solid riffs, apparently manage to play fantastic dueling guitars and fierce solos without a hint of effort, without ending up in endless noodling. The drummer and bass player at hand are pounding like madmen and singer Frank Homolka has humungous pipes. But the genre itself has a lot to be excited about too. Songs like 'Out in the Cold' and 'Down the Dream' are fast adrenaline bombs with strong riffs, which make me shake my fists in the air and swill down imaginary pints, even when I'm behind my shitty computer. God damn!

The band knows how to lay back and in those cases brew heavy loads of music with reminiscences of solid stoner rock. At times there is also metal like Iron Maiden or Anvil on the record and personally, I think there is a lot that reminds me of the Dutch band Powervice, unfortunately disbanded too early. Whatever the blueprint or setup for a song is, whether it's stoner, thrash metal, dirty rock or what have you, the whole record bursts with intensity, power and craftmanship. Whoever likes steaming stoner rock, metal and balls out rock 'n' roll and therefore the later work of Alabama Thunderpussy better buy Solenoid right away.

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