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Blood of the Sun - In Blood We Rock (CD) Cover Art Blood of the Sun - In Blood We Rock (CD)

The debut was a fine slab of lead weight heavy rock, but this album is just in another league!! The real deal when it comes to delivering authentic hard and heavy 70's influenced underground rock! Recorded entirely on ancient analog gear and capturing a raw, earthy sound with monster musicianship and lead weight heavy rock this will groove your head and soul! Grade "A" quality heavy rock that stands up with Deep Purple (early), Mountain, Dust, Buffalo, Grand Funk, James Gang, Uriah Heep, Bad Company, 70's Pentagram, Atomic Rooster, Bang, Wicked Minds, Spiritual Beggars Witchcraft etc...

Price: $21.99
Last Chapter - Paths to Always (CD) Cover Art Last Chapter - Paths to Always (CD)

Features Robert Love of Solitude Aeturnus on vocals.

About damn time Brainskillet!", we hear you say. And you're right! Finally available is the second album from orthodox doom lords Last Chapter. The album, entitled Paths To Always, is a true and pure testament to the law of HEAVY. No stoner, no sludge, no hellfire vocals - only pure DOOM METAL. Completely devoid of the trend, completely unhip to play and/or listen to and definitely no commercial potential in the slightest. Only buy if you crave the quality HEAVY!

True doom fans will dig the sounds on Last Chapter's "Paths To Always", it's all about riffs and the great melodic vocals on this one for sure. If you like Candlemass or Solitude Aeturnus, Paths To Always will fit nicely in your collection. The album has outstanding song writing, creating doom gloomy numbers that truly stand out as far as the style is concerned. The riffs swell too- the rhythm slows down or stomps at just the right moments.

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $10.99
Solitude Aeturnus - Into the Depths of Sorrow (CD) Cover Art Solitude Aeturnus - Into the Depths of Sorrow (CD)

Rerelease of their 1991 debut CD that includes 3 bonus tracks!

Solitude Aeturnus are some of the unsung heroes of doom metal. You don't hear a lot about this band, but they have made a name for themselves in the underground scene by carrying the torch first lit by groups like Trouble and Candlemass and continuing it forward in the 90's. Solitude Aeturnus produces slow, plodding dirges with real singing. Lowe leaves the grunts behind and also avoids any high-pitched screeching. His voice is more of a pleasant, warm, mid-ranged variety that is powerful and moving. The music is certainly heavy and dark, but there are times when the band picks up the pace and Edgar Rivera's guitar solos have enough spunk to help brighten up the overall weight of the material.

Into the Depths of Sorrow, the debut CD of Solitude Aeturnus, conquered the doom-metal fans by storm because they offered us something (in 1991) that only Candlemass had been doing. They didn't follow the classic doom bands like Saint Vitus, The Obsessed and co., but chose a very epic and melodic path, the beginnings of epic power doom. They did not rely on pure slow-motion only, but cleverly integrated breaks and faster passages, giving the songs dynamics that many related bands seemingly do not even know exist. Solitude Aeturnus are all about: metal, deeply rooted within doom, with grand melody-arches, loosened up by mid-paced, sometimes even double-bass-driven passages and over it all the truly majestic vocals of Robert Lowe, whose high but never unnerving voice oozes of a power that you'll find only once in a million!

Unavailable (Archived)
Price: $14.99
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