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Antiprism, The - Self Titled (CD) Cover Art Antiprism, The - Self Titled (CD)

Riff driven stoner rock with hintings towards the NWOBHM, but drenched in blackened occult values.

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Price: $6.66
Bongzilla - Nuggets (CD) Cover Art Bongzilla - Nuggets (CD)

An expanded, reissued edition of ‘Shake: The Singles’. This CD features new artwork altered track listing and 3 new songs!

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Price: $8.99
Bongzilla - Shake (The Singles) (CD) Cover Art Bongzilla - Shake (The Singles) (CD)

Yes! A proper collection of early Bongzilla 7" vinyl releases splits and compilation donations all on one CD! I have heard most of the tunes and to most of you Bongzilla needs no introduction. Getting this CD in the mail from the new Barbarian Records was a total treat. Great packaging- some decent pics of the pot butter that I know o-so-well...and a complete discography for the songs on the CD. It's all good stuff- it's a great collection recommended for all...Bongzilla is one of the great bands and shouldn't be missed out on...

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Price: $14.99
Earth Flight - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Earth Flight - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD)

Limited edition of only 666 hand numbered copies!

Influences from every brilliant heaviness of the past, first and above all is Pentagram, Black Sabbath, some Captain Beyond and even proto-metal bands like Sir Lord Baltimore. There are also some touches from NWOBHM bands like Angelwitch, or maybe even Witchfynde, but these are mostly hidden under the vast 70s vintage mist that surrounds the songs.

These German rockers treat the listener with catchy slow and mid tempo doom and 70’s heavy rock. The riffing and vocal melodies show the unmistakable influence of Sabbath, Spirit Caravan, Zeppelin, Necromandus and Pentagram. The vocals fit the gloomy music very well.

Earth Flight knows how to stimulate my eardrums with a passionate and well-crafted mix of early-70's heavy psych rock and late-70's metal. Fans of Burning Saviours and Witchcraft should give Earth Flight a chance.

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Price: $4.99
Upwards of Endtime - From Genesis to Apocalypse and Beyond (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Upwards of Endtime - From Genesis to Apocalypse and Beyond (IMPORT) (CD)

Limited edition of only 666 hand numbered copies!

When the band focuses on a classic NWOBHM sound, ala “Men at Arms,” “At Last,” “Signs,” and “Faith Long Lost,” Upwards of Endtime can be very compelling.

The Connecticut Metal band Upwards of Endtime does a perfect job of capturing the late 70s/early 80s sound of British Metal. Phil Swanson's vocals highly compliment the band's sound, too — which is made up of solid musicians, Paul Wise (bass), Matt Moran (guitar), and Jim Quinn drums. Moran's wailing guitar work is one of the highlights of Upwards creating an ebb and flow of fine rhythm and chaotic beauty. A band to watch.

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Price: $12.99
Wormsblood - Mastery of Creation Demos (CD) Cover Art Wormsblood - Mastery of Creation Demos (CD)

Features Clay Ruby of Burial Hex and Jex Thoth.

Wormsblood is haunted outsider metal from Clay Ruby of Burial Hex and Jex Thoth fame. The Mastery of Creation is a very unhinged and dangerous album that can be compared to Armanenschaft, Bone Awl, Blood of the Black Owl and True Werwolf. The album is sparse and bleak with rumblings, clanging and tortured cries erupting violently throughout.

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