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Cardinale - 31:13 (CD) Cover Art Cardinale - 31:13 (CD)

Austin, Texas’ Cardinale take a ballsy step out of the gate with their debut, 31:13. After all, it’s not everyday when a new band (they formed in early 2005) has the audacity to make you judge them on one 31 minute, 13 second song. But hey, they pull it off. This isn’t one long rock jam; rather, Cardinale is of the Isis and Neurosis school of sonic bludgeoning. While the style of those two groups is noticeable, this four-piece steps ahead of the like-minded groups that have seemingly sprouted up overnight by keeping this influence more conceptual than direct. For instance, there’s also a good bit of sludgey grind, a la Deadbird or Kylesa, to counterbalance the more melodic sections. And “31:13” has plenty of peaks and valleys as it evolves. They don’t settle into one groove for too long, and the passages never really wear out their welcome. Nor does the song as a whole. Cardinale took a risk with 31:13 and it paid off. For that, this one’s recommended.

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Pack of Wolves - Betrayer (LP) Cover Art Pack of Wolves - Betrayer (LP)

Boasting and liberally advertising the involvement of former At All Cost guitarist Trey Ramirez, who also handles multi-layered growls and screams here, Pack of Wolves traffics in to-the-point metalcore, giving even focus to both the “metal” and the “core” aspects of their personality.

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Players Club - Coextinction (CD EP) Cover Art Players Club - Coextinction (CD EP)

Players Club have settled on a pattern of releasing an EP and then following it up with a full length that’s not only just as good, but shows marked growth with the band’s songwriting. First was their self titled EP and Wine Cooler Blowout. Last year saw the release of the Clean EP and the underappreciated Regenesis, an album so good I wouldn’t have begrudged the band if they did the same shit all over again. But instead there’s the Coextinction EP, another step forward for this New York four-piece. While waiting for the next full length (due this fall), I’m going to keep this one in constant rotation. Highly recommended.

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