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El Festival de los Viajes - Disparen! (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art El Festival de los Viajes - Disparen! (IMPORT) (CD)

Disparen! carries the band to a new level of what they call harmonious syntax, in which they explore the oneiric dream realms of psychedelia, kraut rock, and old American western imagery. Dig it!

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El Festival de los Viajes - La Reserva de los Lieros (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art El Festival de los Viajes - La Reserva de los Lieros (IMPORT) (CD)

The Argentinian band`s third slab of mind expansion in which they explore the oneiric dream realms of psychedelia, kraut rock, and old American western imagery.

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El Festival de los Viajes - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art El Festival de los Viajes - Self Titled (IMPORT) (CD)

Features member of Dragonauta and Poseidotica.

The band – which features members of The Kahunas, Poseidótica, Jesus Martyr, FrentzMoon, and the metal-as-fuck Dragonauta - says it's “a mix between Ennio Morricone, some Kraut and even some Joe Meek vibes“ and that's pretty apt. The eight songs definitely have a Spaghetti Western vibe (especially the two part “El Nagual”), but they also have a haunting feel, sort of like watching a shamanistic ritual take place on the prairie at dusk. If Earth's Hex is an alternative soundtrack to Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, then El Festival De Los Viajes has written a new score to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

I hope that sounds intriguing enough, because El Festival De Los Viajes is definitely worth your time. After all, it's not every day that you hear something that leaves you speechless.

The music is calm and easy, and will immediately bring to mind the soundtracks of Ennio Morricone and the films of Sergio Leone: 'Once Upon a Time in the West,' A Fistfull of Dollars,' and so on. Twangy guitars, surreal cowboys with no name, and a voice singing intimately to you in Spanish. This music inspires visions, just like Morricone's music can, but you might also say just like Can, or Ash Ra Tempel, or Electric Magma, or Poseidotica for that matter. Pure mind paintings, with lyrics about spiritual death and psychedelic resurrection floating calmly against a lonely background of multicolored tumbleweeds and saguaros. Your personal issues brought to light and imploded. Hallucinations of beauty and terror.

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Poseidotica - Cronicas del Futuro (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Poseidotica - Cronicas del Futuro (IMPORT) (CD)

Deluxe die-cut packaging!

The instrumental quartet Poseidotica hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina and was formed in the pivotal year of 2001. Their goal: to create new musical landscapes in the hard rock genre where every single ingredient is part of a larger concept where different climates and dark atmospheres take the listener out on a psychedelic adventure filled with contrasts; from pure moments of bliss and relaxation to excerpts of total inevitable fury. That’s quite a big mouthful. But the amigo’s had no difficulty filling those words on their two earlier albums. Though on their new record Cronicas Del Futuro they seemed to have exchanged their elaborate tales for short twitter poetry. Clear and intensely precise; but a little less adventurous. But then again; it does work wonders for their futuristic concept about the digital future.

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Poseidotica - Intramundo (Re-issue) (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Poseidotica - Intramundo (Re-issue) (IMPORT) (CD)

Features Walter Broide of Los Natas on drums.

Poseidotica, a four piece from South America, strengthen the argument that the majority of the good, new music is coming from that corner of the world. With Intramundo, they offer up nine psychedelic jams that take on not only the dreamy stoner style, but also progressive metal and jazz, all with a distinctly Latin sound. It’s got a heavier slant, almost touching upon Karma to Burn, although their songs are more intricate and structured. The whole album grooves, moves and shakes. It’s a good mix of the mellow spacey and the driving heavy. These guys definitely bring it. Check ‘em out.

Superb musicianship with excellent ensemble playing, guiding you on a tripped out journey replete with psychedelic creativity and prog discipline, heavy-as-hell riffs and delicate guitar strumming. It combines fuzzy heaviness and introspective visions, adrenalin rushes, cinematic images, and serotonin good times into a crisp whole that will remind you by turns of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Los Natas, and Elektrohash label artists.

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Poseidotica - La Distancia (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Poseidotica - La Distancia (IMPORT) (CD)

An all-instrumental quartet formed in early 2001, Poseidotica is a conceptual heavy prog band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They have a very rough-edged but deceptively organized sound reflecting hints of RUSH, CRIMSON, hard rock a la DEEP PURPLE, the surf of the MERMEN and tantric drones of DON CABALLERO. Recommended to listeners fond of modern guitar-based prog with a looseness often missing from more polished acts.

These players create something striking, original, provocative, lyrical, epic, hard-edged, and reflective by turns, all without the use of vocals. There are moments that sound like outtakes from ‘Twin Peaks’ united with ‘Meddle’-era Floyd, and at other times you’ll hear Miles Davis, Soft Machine, Can, early 70s Argentinean prog, and of course a bit o’ the Sabbath, shot through with some Theremin for that retro touch. These guys would be right at home on the Elektrohash label.

Poseidotica play a potent, all instrumental brand of environmental, heavy trance-rock. They can alternate between swirling, heavy riffage, dreamy meditative excursions, and even incorporate jazz, tango and progressive elements. There are many changes of volume, texture and pace. But all these elements are well balanced, and flow seamlessly from one part into another, taking the listener on a mystical journey through a futuristic / apocalyptical landscape, filling the imagination of what life in Poseidotica's native Argentina can be.

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