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Neurosis - Souls at Zero (Re-issue) (CD) Cover Art Neurosis - Souls at Zero (Re-issue) (CD)

Reissue of 1992 album with 3 bonus tracks. Modified artwork and jewel case in a cardboard sleeve.

Retaining their concussive & visceral punk roots, the band took their 1st solid steps into previously uncharted territory - employing non-traditional instruments, tribal chants, radically slower tempos & densely layered, folk-influenced melodies, essentially creating a post-metal blueprint in the process.

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Neurosis - Live at Roadburn 2007 (CD) Cover Art Neurosis - Live at Roadburn 2007 (CD)

Neurosis aren't just a band, they are almost like a force of nature, such as an impending tidal wave, overflowing volcano, or violent storm. The veteran post-rock/doom metal act are often hailed as one of the most influential and pioneering bands of the last 20 years. If you really want to experience the power of Neurosis, this is the way to do it.

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Neurosis - Given to the Rising (CD) Cover Art Neurosis - Given to the Rising (CD)

What we’ve got here is everything that’s always been typical for Neurosis - apocalyptic soundscapes, tribal drums, lyrical mood, gloom... Given to the Rising is emotionally diverse, but not colorful... more like gray, embracing the whole black-and-white spectrum. This is maybe one of the most varied doom albums ever released, shrouding all of the genre’s faces in 70 minutes. The louder you listen to this album, the deeper it takes you. And, believe me, there is definitely some depth in there.

On Given to the Rising, Neurosis have taken all they've learn't from years of pummelling and all the side projects the've ventured into and created another monster. It's got the trademark riffage of course, but it's interspersed with passages that could be from Kelly or Von Till's folky side projects and ambient electronics that could be Tribes of Neurot. 'Shadow' and 'Nine' are even short spoken word pieces. Close listens really show how much time, effort and soul Neurosis put into their music. Given to the Rising shits all over 95% of heavy music nowadays and shows us why they're still here and still making awesome records like this

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Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm (CD) Cover Art Neurosis - The Eye of Every Storm (CD)

Neurosis have successfully outdone themselves once again. Yet another departure, yet another natural progression - the drone is still there, the texture is there, and the Earth-shattering, bombastic heaviness is still there, though it's used very sparingly now. And the psychedelia is there more than ever, especially in terms of the use of samples and effects - they have a way of catching you off guard and disrupting your synapses. It's also nice to hear Noah Landis step a little further forward and playing a lot more organ - this comes in at just the right time in Neurosis's evolution. Steve Von Till has become increasingly earnest and comfortable sounding and there's a lot of vocal variation between his tried-and-true tortured howls and his quiet singing more reminiscent of his solo albums and parts of the last two Neurosis records.

And the lyrics are, once again, a synthesis of great beauty, terror, and gut-wrenching meloncholy, but always with a sense of hope. In general, Neurosis continue to explore the use of subtlety and space within their music and it works out excellently.

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