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Oresund Space Collective - Visions Of… (Yellow) (IMPORT) (2LP) Cover Art Oresund Space Collective - Visions Of… (Yellow) (IMPORT) (2LP)

Limited edition of only 190 copies on yellow colored vinyl.

The third release resulting from the Scandinavian spacerockers' fruitful 2014 studio session.

Price: $41.99
Oresund Space Collective - Visions Of… (Black) (IMPORT) (2LP) Cover Art Oresund Space Collective - Visions Of… (Black) (IMPORT) (2LP)

Limited edition of only 200 copies on black vinyl.

The third release resulting from the Scandinavian spacerockers' fruitful 2014 studio session.

Price: $38.99
Oresund Space Collective - Visions Of… (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art Oresund Space Collective - Visions Of… (IMPORT) (CD)

The third release resulting from the Scandinavian spacerockers' fruitful 2014 studio session.

Price: $20.99
Isis - Oceanic (Re-issue) (Yellow) (2LP) Cover Art Isis - Oceanic (Re-issue) (Yellow) (2LP)

Limited edition of only 200 copies on yellow vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

It's unique and beautiful. Though this is heavy music, it transcends any categorization of "metal" or "hardcore." There is melody soaking through this album, and it's not trite and repeated like standard pop melody; rather, it is unique and fascinating. This record achieves the ideal of being beautiful and heavy at the same time, and this isn't just hyperbole. The songs and album are never boring or repetetive despite their lengths; they rise from quiet and atmospheric introductions and build to torrential pounding rhythms, and subside again as they came. The guest vocals of Maria and Ayl (from another great Boston band, 27) are a stellar inclusion, and really round out some already amazing songs. The album is an odyssey; I can't stop listening to it.

Isis is one of the few heavy metal bands recording without regard for convention, and since Tool's debut, few have succeeded in such breathtaking fashion. Turner-- who's invariably screamed at the top of his lungs to this point-- actually sings on the record's closer, "Hym". Always with an ear for the industrial drone dramatized by Swans and Skinny Puppy in the 80s, and kept alive by Neurosis (who Turner has known since starting Hydra Head), Isis have graduated from their status as the best dirge orchestra around consolidating a number of disparate sounds to create a dynamic far more evocative than mere loud-soft-loud repetition: these are caterwauls offset by meditation.

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Melvins/Isis - Split LP (Magenta) (LP) Cover Art Melvins/Isis - Split LP (Color) (LP)

Limited edition on various colored vinyl.

The Melvins tracks are culled from their latest full length album "The Bride Screamed Murder". Remixed and reworked by the band themselves along with the help of engineer, Toshi Kasai, these tracks are prime examples of the Melvins persona - alternately jarring, tuneful, heavy, and bizarre.

The two Isis songs featured on this split are amongst the last recorded output to be released by the band, and are exclusive to this 12". The first, "Way Through Woven Branches" has previously only been available as a bonus track on the Japanese edition of their most recent full length "Wavering Radiant". The second track "Pliable Foe", has never been released anywhere. Both tracks were recorded during the sessions of the aforementioned "Wavering Radiant" album and continue along the trajectory established therein - in other words, long and winding strands of melody wrapped around jagged blocks of shuddering distortion. A fitting close to a continually evolving but coherently developed cannon of recorded works, and appropriately paired with one of their early and admitted influences the Melvins.

Price: 60,000 pts
Monolord - Empress Rising (Purple) (2LP) Cover Art Monolord - Empress Rising (Purple) (2LP)

Limited edition of only 300 copies on transparent purple colored vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Sweden's psychedelic doom band Monolord releases its first full length 'Empress Rising'. The five-song album clocks in at almost 50 minutes of skull crushing heavy grooves and heavy guitars that summon the spirits of Norse gods when played at loud volumes. Monolord is for more than just doom-metal fanatics; this is an epic record for all fans of guitar driven rock and roll, stoner roc, and heavy riffs. 'Empress Rising' has all of the flavours of an iconic doom record and follows in the footsteps of Sleep, Holy Mountain, Pallbearer's 'Sorrow and Extinction', Electric Wizard's 'Witchcult Today' with melodic vocals and harmonies that are super psychedelic and easy to sing along to.

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Price: $25.99
Isis - The Red Sea (Red Grey Swirl) (LP) Cover Art Isis - The Red Sea (Red Grey Swirl) (LP)

Limited edition of only 450 copies on red grey swirl vinyl!

Back again to make sure your ears bleed from the pure power of sludge, brutality, and sickness, Isis gives us three new songs and a re-issue of their four song demo! Slow, prodding, and heavy rhythms backed with noisy, crunching guitars, lunatic keyboard noises, and painfully screamed vocals. This baby has feeling and plenty of it. For reference check out Neurosis and Unsane and you'll get the picture.

Price: 30,000 pts
Isis - Mosquito Control (Blue) (LP) Cover Art Isis - Mosquito Control (Blue) (LP)

Last pressing of Mosquito Control on vinyl! Strictly limited edition of only 500 copies on clear blue vinyl! Remixed by Matt Bayles.

The sound of Isis is not unlike the cosmic forces it contemplates on its premiere full-length, Celestial. The record's otherworldly vibe is sustained by systematic rhythms and a deep, physically demanding bass rumble that permeates every orifice within earshot, rattling unsympathetically toward the core. It's plundering, monumental riffs continuously bombard, only occasionally appeasing the listener with calculated restraint. Interlace this sonic event with waves of electronics and a warlike banter, and you have witnessed ISIS in its pure unweilding form.

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Isis - Celestial (Re-issue) (Orange) (2LP) Cover Art Isis - Celestial (Re-issue) (Orange) (2LP)

Newly repackaged in a gatefold sleeve with bonus poster. Limited edition on colored vinyl!

These lads play super heavy yet groovacious metal with that token Neurosis sound mixed with the a little Godflesh. They've achieved a very hypnotic droning landscape leaving behind their more crunchy hardcore roots.

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Price: 45,000 pts
Isis - Celestial (Remastered) (Brown Splatter) (2LP) Cover Art Isis - Celestial (Remastered) (Brown Splatter) (2LP)

Limited edition of only 300 copies on clear with brown splatter colored vinyl.

The band's landmark debut album returns to vinyl. Comes with re-mastered audio and re-invisioned artwork by Aaron Turner.

In Stock
Price: $23.99
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