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Darxtar: Tombola (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $17.99
Released: 2001
In Stock
Tombola (CD) (Import)

Label: Record Heaven   Origin: Sweden
Hailing from Sweden, one of the more prolific territories of progressive rock, Darxtar's Tombola is an interesting homage to Warrior on the Edge of Time era Hawkwind. I'm also very much reminded of the classic Greek psychedelic group PLJ Band and their unforgettable Armageddon album especially with regard to the distorted, trippy vocals. Tombola is a sort of concept album, with the songs tied together to form an overall impression of spacey psychedelia. From the very ...

London Underground: Self Titled (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $17.99
Released: 2000
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London Underground
Self Titled (CD) (Import)

Label: Record Heaven   Origin: Sweden
Now heres a new approach to the world of prog music: London Underground. Although the British-sounding name, these fine musicians are from Italy. This album really took me by surprise. It is jaw-droppingly beautiful with its trimmings of the early style prog, but still it submits to this time and age. I promise you, you will be absolutely and pleasantly surprised by this. There are funny intervals, there are extremely well thought out ideas, there are...well, fine pop...

QOPH: Kalejdoskopiska Aktiviteter (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $17.99
Released: 1998
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Kalejdoskopiska Aktiviteter (CD) (Import)

Label: Record Heaven   Origin: Sweden
Think a cross between labelmates Abramis Brama, Mammoth Volume, November and Yes at their most progressive... and Im talking '70s stuff now, not the lame shit Yes put out today. Like all the songs on this album, it is far too complex to try to get across how it sounds in a review... Sometimes jazzy, sometimes bluesy... Always trippy, always progressive... And more often than not... Heavy, in that special '70s kinda way. Bands like Captain Beyond, Armageddon and Iron...

Various Artists: Thousand Days of Yesterdays - A Tribute to Captain Beyond (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $17.99
Released: 1999
Out of Stock
Various Artists
Thousand Days of Yesterdays - A Tribute to Captain Beyond (CD) (Import)

Label: Record Heaven   Origin: Sweden
In 1972, Captain Beyond released their classic first album. The band featured ex Deep Purple singer Rod Evans, Rhino and Lee Dorman from Iron Butterfly and Bobby Caldwell from the Johnny Winter Band. A shortlived lineup, but they created one of the top hardrock albums of all times. This tribute CD is based entirely on this, with some additional bonustracks.

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