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Drug War: Aim High (Vinyl LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $6.66
Released: 2006
Out of Stock
Drug War
Aim High (Vinyl LP)

Label: Land O Smiles   Origin: USA
Limited edition one time pressing of only 500 copies on heavy vinyl! Way heavy Boston sludge punk from some of the dudes that brought you Milligram.

Raw Radar War: Double Equals (Vinyl LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $6.66
Released: 2007
Out of Stock
Raw Radar War
Double Equals (Vinyl LP)

Label: Land O Smiles   Origin: USA
Features Jonah Jenkins (Milligram/Only Living Witness). Limited edition one time pressing of only 500 copies on heavy vinyl! Hand silkscreened covers! If there’s a correlation between Raw Radar War and Milligram, it’s the angry, nihilistic rage of “Let’s Kill.” Otherwise, Raw Radar War is far removed from the heavy riffs of Milligram. Instead, the band takes an early hardcore assault and occasionally meshes it with crushing doom. Jonah Jenkins (Milligram/Only Living W...

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