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Electric Moon
Inferno (CD) (Import)

Electric Moon - Inferno (Cover Art)

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Electric Moon: Mind Explosion (Marble)
Electric Moon
Mind Explosion (Marble)
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Electric Moon

 LABEL: Sulatron
 ORIGIN: Austria
 ITEM #: ATH-9414


  1. Mental Record
  2. Inferno
"'Inferno' is the perfect follow-up to the 'Lunatics' album. It takes some of the better ideas on that album and expands on them even further into the realms of cosmic overdriven acid-rock. Just like 'Lunatics' it is over 70 minutes long, but they do it in just two songs on this one with the title track taking up the bulk of the disc.

The album starts with 'Mental Record.' The sound is noticeably darker on this recording, but all the Electric Moon trademarks are still here, only more in a pure jammy fuzz-rock direction."

"Of course it is the title track that will get most of the attention with this album as it is nearly 60 minutes long. Everything that Electric Moon possesses is pushed to the absolute limit on this track. The bass and drum combo of Komet Lulu and Alex are totally on-fire, pushing themselves and feeding off each other. It is exhilarating to listen to, but what makes this track so monumental is how the running time flows so smoothly. People may cringe seeing the playing time of 51:54 printed on the rear artwork but don't fear, this is one of the best hours you will ever spend in your lifetime. This song runs like clockwork. There is no padding, no pointless filling of time with meandering ideas. This track is flawless and a musical experience you wont want to miss. Regardless of which album you like best, Electric Moon are a great band and 'Inferno' is one of the best examples of trippy space/stoner rock you will ever hear."


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Electric Moon: Mind Explosion (Marble) (Vinyl 2LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $46.99
Released: 2014
In Stock
Electric Moon
Mind Explosion (Marble) (Vinyl 2LP) (Import)

Label: Sulatron   Origin: Austria
Limited edition of only 1000 copies on marbled color vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve. And now ladies and gentlemen, a word from the Captain … Sula Bassana and co-pilots Komet Lulu and Marcus are back, and in flight as well. Recorded on stage during the Electric Full Moon Heading South Tour ’13 to get you ‘first row close,’ Electric Moon’s Mind Explosion is.. it’s exactly what you want, and fully what you expect from Electric Moon. If you’ve followed their orbit from groun...

Electric Moon: The Doomsday Machine (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $25.99
Released: 2011
Out of Stock
Electric Moon
The Doomsday Machine (CD) (Import)

Label: Nasoni   Origin: Germany
Put down the freak flags and pick up your “The End is Nigh” signs, for The Doomsday Machine is here. Electric Moon is back already and casting a long, dark shadow. There’s been a slow boiling darkness in Electric Moon, brought even closer to the surface on this year’s Flaming Lake, that sees the full light of day on The Doomsday Machine. And quickly eclipses it. More of a culmination than a soundtrack to the Apocalypse, this is a gloriously monolithic, and intergalact...

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