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The Graviators
Evil Deeds (CD) (Import)

The Graviators - Evil Deeds (Cover Art)

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The Graviators: Motherload
The Graviators
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The Graviators

 LABEL: Napalm
 ORIGIN: Austria
 ITEM #: ATH-9337


  1. Soulstealer
  2. Evil Deeds
  3. Morning Star
  4. The Great Deception
  5. Feelin' Low
  6. Haxagram
  7. Presence
  8. A Different Moon
  9. Forlorn
  10. The Infidel
"Sweden's trickle of '70s revivalists is rapidily becoming a flood, as following fast in the footsteps of bands like Witchcraft, Graveyard and Burning Saviours come more worshippers like Horisont and, voila, The Graviators. If Graveyard were, say, the bleary-eyed bongheads of this expanding retro scene, then The Graviators would be the wide-awake tearaways spray-painting Pentagram and Black Sabbath symbols onto buildings."

"Take the 2:43 of "Morning Star". It's a rip-roarin' blazing rocker of a track, slicked with Johan Holm's gnarly basslines, Martin Fairbanks' thick, fuzz-covered riffing and Niklas Sjoberg's scowling vocal that rises up and up, ending in a howling falsetto. At other times, during say "Feelin' Low", they seem impelled to explore the more Sabbathian realms of old school doom. They linger upon each note to turn the pace into a lollop. They reach a depth and breadth of undertow that begins to congeal around you leaving you mired (by the album's end, naturally) in the Saint Vitus-worshipping sedentary plod that "The Infidel" becomes. It forms the quicksand that has secreted itself around your legs, slurping and burping all around."

John Skibeat

"The Graviators newest album 'Evil Deeds' returns to the late '70s NWOBHM sound as is one of the band's staple qualities. The album is full of cult themes, doom riffs reminiscent of the early days, and an eerie vocal delivery. As far as their overall sound, they are stuck somewhere in between Cathedral and Witchfinder General. In addition to the early doom and eclectic influences, The Graviators make good use of harmonics to create elemental bridges, especially in "Forlorn". Some stoner influences are also present, which really show through in "The Infidel", which also has a kick ass solo about two-thirds the way through."

Axes to Grind

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The Graviators: Motherload (Vinyl 2LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $42.99
Released: 2014
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The Graviators
Motherload (Vinyl 2LP) (Import)

Label: Napalm   Origin: Austria
Limited edition on 180 gram black vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve. Limited edition gatefold LP on black 180-gram vinyl by the stoner/doom metal masters from Sweden. After the release of their fantastic and critically acclaimed full length 'Evil Deeds' and the split 7-inch with their label mates MONKEY3, THE GRAVIATORS return with their latest studio effort 'Motherload'. The brilliant vintage analogue sound combines the hard rock of the seventies with a good dose of doom m...

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