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Electric Moon
Cellar Space Live Overdose (Vinyl 2LP) (Import)

Electric Moon - Cellar Space Live Overdose (Cover Art)

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Electric Moon

 FORMAT: Vinyl 2LP
 LABEL: Sulatron
 ORIGIN: Austria
 ITEM #: ATH-9131

  • Limited edition of only 777 copies on black vinyl.


  1. The Soul Feeder
  2. The Idle Glance
  3. The Verge of Fainting
  4. The Spaceman Return
"Cellar Space Live Overdose is a double LP release, which contains the best stuff from 2 gigs. LP 1 is filled with 2 tracks of the ultrapsychedelic show from January 27th, 2012 at Schlosskeller Darmstadt. LP 2 contains 2 tracks from the Sulatron Records Label Night on September 30th, 2011 at Kulturkeller Fulda. Two times at a cellar = Cellar Space, two live shows = Live Overdose and that is the title theme."

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