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The Re-stoned
Analog (CD) (Import)

The Re-stoned - Analog (Cover Art)

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The Re-stoned:

The Re-stoned: Totems (Color)
The Re-stoned
Totems (Color)
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The Re-stoned: Re-session V.3
The Re-stoned
Re-session V.3
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The Re-stoned

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The Re-stoned

 ORIGIN: Russia
 ITEM #: ATH-8492


  1. Northern Lights
  2. Analog
  3. Put the Sound Down or Get the Hell Out
  4. Crystals
  5. Feedback
  6. Music for Jimmy
  7. Dream of Vodyanoy
"The Re-stoned's second studio album, Analog took shape in just two weeks, in November-December 2010, when the bandís core duo of guitarist Ilya Lipkin and bassist Vladimir Nikulin teamed up with Vladimir Muchnov, a drummer for ARK OF PASSAGE and LORD OF DOUBTS. It demonstrated a somewhat different approach to creating music: all seven instrumentals were invented, improvised, and recorded live-in-studio with minimal guitar overdubs and a light doze of background studio trickery. There are no traditional song-structures here, though each piece is amazingly focused. This is heavily produced acid-rock at its best! You will be submerged into a shifting world of spacious grooves, fuzzy riffs, psychedelic obscurities, and pure musicianship."

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The Re-stoned: Re-session V.3 (Vinyl LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $31.99
Released: 2013
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The Re-stoned
Re-session V.3 (Vinyl LP) (Import)

Label: Nasoni   Origin: Germany
Limited edition of only 400 copies on black vinyl. Over three hours of live improvisations by Ilya Lipkin (guitar, effects), Vasily Bartov (drums), Glenda Pescado (bass), and Pete Bingham (guitar).

The Re-stoned: Totems (Color) (Vinyl LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $27.99
Released: 2014
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The Re-stoned
Totems (Color) (Vinyl LP) (Import)

Label: Headspin   Origin: Netherlands
Limited edition on color vinyl. "Totems" is the fourth studio album of the Russian premiere instrumental heavy-psyche/stoner band THE RE-STONED. Unlike their previous offering, it includes only instrumental compositions ranging stylistically from the classic 70s heavy-acid-rock to psychedelic rock, desert-rock, stoner and doom music. All songs are performed by the traditional power-trio line-up of Ilya Lipkin (guitars), Alexander Romanov (bass) and Vladimir Muchnov (dru...

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