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Brant Bjork
Jalamanta (10 Year Anniversary) (Vinyl 2LP)

Brant Bjork - Jalamanta (10 Year Anniversary) (Cover Art)

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Brant Bjork

 FORMAT: Vinyl 2LP
 LABEL: Low Desert Punk
 ITEM #: ATH-6645

  • Limited edition of only 1000 copies on 180gr. vinyl. Re-mastered. Deluxe gatefold sleeve. Includes a 24 page book.


  1. Lazy Bones
  2. Automatic Fantastic
  3. Cobra Jab
  4. Too Many Chiefs... Not Enough Indians
  5. Sun Brother
  6. Let's Get Chinese Eyes
  7. Toot
  8. Defender of the Oleander
  9. Low Desert Punk
  10. Waiting for a Coconut to Drop
  11. Her Brown Blood
  12. Indio
  13. Take Me Away
"Based on simple riffs and often tropical and latin imagery, "Jalamanta" slowly unwinds its grooves and trips without ever raising its voice to a shout. With Brant responsible for all the instruments and songrwriting (except for one song), you could say that this is the yin to Kyuss and Fu Manchu's yang."

"JALAMANTA is easily in my top ten albums of all time. The only thing I dislike about listening to it is that it ends. Its just smooth groove after smooth groove. It almost reaches a euphoric level. I have had Jalamanta since its release and a week rarely goes by without several listens. It will be the soundtrack to my summer night smoke sessions, I can tell you that much. There is no one label that can be placed on this album. All I can say it that if you are a fan of rock music on any level, you should own this masterpiece. Brant is the man!"


"This thing actually belongs in the motherfucking CLASSIC album review forum. Holy sweet fucking fuckity fuck does this slab of vineeeeel sound soooo damned good or what? Pick up this double 12" immediately or regret it later. Jalamanta has been my favorite thing Brant has ever done and my CD copy has had its case melted in the dessert sun, been dragged accross hundreds of miles of road trips, and been left on repeat for hours upon hours of love makin nights, drinkin nights, smokin nights, or just plain "fuck I'm tired and beat down play me something to soothe my soul" nights. "


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Brant Bjork: Gods & Goddesses (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $11.99
Released: 2010
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Brant Bjork
Gods & Goddesses (CD)

Label: Low Desert Punk   Origin: USA
Joining Brant on guitar is Billy Cordell, best known for his bass work in the influential desert rock outfit Yawning Man, bassist Brandon Henderson and drummer Giampaolo Farnedi. Of course, Brant has had a band around him for the last several years -- The Bros. -- but back under just his own banner, Brant Bjork is able to add sonic touches that bounce ideas off of jazz, soul, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath and even some of his past work.

Brant Bjork: Punk Rock Guilt (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $14.99
Released: 2008
Only 3 Left
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Brant Bjork
Punk Rock Guilt (CD)

Label: Low Desert Punk   Origin: USA
I can always rely on it to have the effect I hope and need it to when I reach for a Brant Bjork album. To put a big fucking grin on my face, reminding me to relax, take a deep breath, take it easy, let it roll off.

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