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Sula Bassana
The Night (CD) (Import)

Sula Bassana - The Night (Cover Art)

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Sula Bassana:

Sula Bassana: Dark Days
Sula Bassana
Dark Days
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Sula Bassana: Dreamer (10 Year Anniversary Edition)
Sula Bassana
Dreamer (10 Year Anniversary Edition)
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Sula Bassana

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Sula Bassana

 LABEL: Sulatron
 ORIGIN: Austria
 ITEM #: ATH-6440

  • Guest vocals by Stefan Koglek (Colour Haze) on "The Night".


  1. In Space
  2. Lost in Space
  3. The Night:
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4
  4. Meteorritt
  5. Kosmokrator
"The Night is the new album by Dave Schmidt, a German guy now living in Austria, and once again he has produced five tracks worth of totally amazing, psychedelic music. Dave plays all the instruments by himself, but Stefan Koglek from Colour Haze sings on the second part of the long title track."
Dj Astro

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Sula Bassana: Dark Days (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $23.99
Released: 2012
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Sula Bassana
Dark Days (CD) (Import)

Label: Sulatron   Origin: Germany
There are few other artists out there in the space/psych genre that are as talented and prolific as Dave Schmidt, aka Sula Bassana. A quick count of his discography for the past 20 years includes over 125 releases that he's either produced or played on! Besides his numerous side projects such as Zone Six, Liquid Visions, Weltraumstaunen, Interkosmos, Sudstern 44, Electric Moon and others, he's had a prolific solo career with 15 albums released under his own name (or as...

Sula Bassana: Dreamer (10 Year Anniversary Edition) (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $23.99
Released: 2012
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Sula Bassana
Dreamer (10 Year Anniversary Edition) (CD) (Import)

Label: Sulatron   Origin: Germany
10 year anniversary re-issue with two bonus tracks. New album cover by Lulu Artwork. Mastered by Eroc. Created by the masterminded wizards of Liquid Visions, Weltraumstaunen and Zone Six. This multicoloured gannet will guide you to the heights of 60's-styled psychedelia and space rock blend heaven. Mostly instrumental with plenty of organ, acid drenched guitars, backwards loops and weird sound effects. This tight trip culminates in an excellent adaptation of Pink Floy...

Sula Bassana/Modulfix: Brain Wash (Vinyl LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $31.99
Released: 2013
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Sula Bassana/Modulfix
Brain Wash (Vinyl LP) (Import)

Label: Pancromatic   Origin: Norway
Limited edition of only 500 copies. For as prolific as Sula Bassana is, itís hard to believe he has a brain left, let alone one to wash. But he does, and so does Modulfix, and they had the good sense to have another meeting of minds and drop the magnetic and groovy Brain Wash. Thoroughly modern and of another time simultaneously, Brain Wash is a hypnotic, psychedelic slab of instrumental ear, and brain, candy. Lava lamps to planet caravans, Brain Wash spins and spirals...

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