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I Are Droid
I Are Debut (CD) (Import)

I Are Droid - I Are Debut (Cover Art)

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 LABEL: Razzia
 ORIGIN: Sweden
 ITEM #: ATH-6043
  • Featuring Peder Bergstrand of Lowrider.


  1. Bring Your Machines
  2. Before the Fall
  3. Blood & Ether
  4. Time on Time
  5. Sevenfold
  6. Like a Whiteout
  7. In Your Eye
  8. Never Known
  9. Guided by Flies
  10. Time on Time (Video)
"I Are Droid is the brainchild of Peder Bergstrand, ex-bassist/singer for the now buried cult stoner rock band, Lowrider. But if you are hoping for more desert sounds in the vein of Lowrider, you are going to be dissapointed. You could call it rock-pop, you could call it alternative and you could call it electronica. You would be still wrong. It doesn't matter what pigeonhole you're gonna force it in, it is still awesome. Simplistic riffs, melodies and rhythms entwine into something absolutely beautiful. It's totally melancholy and amazingly rocking at the same time. The big momentum behind this album is simplicity. None of the players try to show off with "mad l33t skillz" with their instruments, they just play together extremely solidly. Songs are often pushed forward with the bass/drums combo and guitar just adds the touches into the surface with the great vocals provided by Peder himself."

"This is definitely one of the best albums of this year. I just hope that this band gets to be heard. Lowrider descended into oblivion too fast and without enough recognition. Let's hope the people find this project because this is one of those albums that touch you and change you."


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