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Dali's Llama
Full on Dunes (CD)

Dali''s Llama - Full on Dunes (Cover Art)

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 LABEL: Dali's Llama
 ITEM #: ATH-5471

  • Guest appearances by:

    Mario Lalli (Fatso Jetson, Desert Sessions, Yawning Man),

    Capt. Sean Wheeler (Throw Rag, Charley Horse, Sun Trash),

    Joe Dillon (Hot Beat Pussy Fiend) and

    Scott Reeder (Kyuss, The Obsessed, Goatsnake).


  1. On Dunes
  2. Can't Catch Me
  3. King Platypus
  4. Desert Dogs
  5. Cheap and Portable
  6. Smoke Tree
  7. Floating
  8. Full On
  9. Aqua-Fuzz
"Groovy and psychedelic baby! Dali's Llama has concocted a flavor of its own. Song constructions are diverse, with rockier tunes giving way to slower progressions (though no descent into attention-challenging drone). Flowing, wicked grooves that make the neck and head move! There's tons more artistic poetry in their music than in that last phrase of mine! A sense of fun and a little cutting attitude. Swelling waves of trip-distortion sweep across the hearer, big liquid pulses of dense rock-n-roll energy that make Dali's Llama a good go-to act for those needing a stoner rock fix. And this band has the coolest name in the genre. It calls to mind both the surrealist mesmerism of the artist Dali as well as the mysticism of the Buddhist leader."
Kristofer Upjohn

"Dali's Llama never get boring and beat you over the head with stupe via dullish boogie, they beat you with classic Chuck Berry tuck-the-pinky-in via slurried desert blues abstracted from the sensible space between Thin White Rope and Kyuss. Their "boogie" is chopped and channeled with a tension/release akin to the great early '70s Brit blues-rock stuff; The Groundhogs, The Edgar Broughton Band, Savoy Brown, Free with thee, uh, relaxed approach of AY-CE-fucking-DEE-fucking-CEE in '76 pork roast mode. It ain't all frenzy folks, it's got the swagger Kiss touched during "God of Thunder" and Grand Funk 'n' The James Gang groped a dozen times during many a prom, all cut with a grit-in-the-eye sensibility. The grin that knows "Hey, it's all sweat and jizz 'til someone has to pay child support." Damn."

Craig Regala

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