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Vincent Black Shadow
More Deeper (CD)

Vincent Black Shadow - More Deeper (Cover Art)

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 LABEL: Heart Break Beat
 ITEM #: ATH-5028


  1. Volume One
  2. Dome City
  3. Pac Man Jones
  4. Restless
  5. Flash Roll
  6. Shamanix
  7. Wooden Kimono
  8. One Percenter
  9. More Deeper
"Vincent Black Shadow sounds like power tools, if power tools ran on nihilism. Come to think of it, it feels like power tools, too. Whatever Adam Savage is retch-screeching through his table saw (it could be "I love, I love, my little ponnniiieees") it feels like one of those little sanding drill bits widening out the inside of your ear canal. We have an idea what the words to "Wooden Kimono" are: "come here you little faaaakkee/ I wanna see your faaaaacccee," and then something something, though we could be totally off on that because Savage only drops whatever device he uses to turn his voice into hell spawn for like a half a line that goes "they're all over me/ I think I'm gonna run and fuck somethin' up." And then back to the saw. This song also effectively ends the more-cowbell joke, forever. You really just have to hear it. We also thought we were picking up "charm city" yowled early in the album, but saw that the song was called "Dome City," not that either one would make more or less sense here."

"Overall, More Deeper is just some seriously fucked proto-grunge business that might have something to do with a gnarlier Mudhoney. Or maybe Sabbath with control issues, and way longer, rustier, and more chipped guitar riffs, drawn out in delays and effects that make everything sound like its got either a stoner or metal prosthetic extension or some hissing whiplike razor wire pieced on. But, still, at its guts are still speedy, aggro lines that erupt out of the cannabis haze like sticks of dynamite in a bonfire, packed with little bits of scrap metal."

Michael Byrne

"Vincent Black Shadow is named after a motorcycle. This is appropriate, because listening to More Deeper is like sitting directly on an overheating engine. Adam Savage screams every song like he’s Howard Dean on the verge of losing his mind. In fact, about four songs in (on “Flash Roll”) he slows down (for about seven seconds), and we learn that he is actually capable of sounding reasonable. But it doesn’t last. If you want to hear lyrics, this isn’t for you. VBS screams and snarls over one of the best punk bands I’ve heard in years, chainsaw guitars ripping, jackhammer drums pounding, and relentless bass thumping at a tremendous gallop. But this Baltimore 5-piece is so much more than punk. There’s Sabbath-style guitar work, with soaring solos (but Savage often shouts over them, too), vaguely psychedelic breaks, Iggy Pop riffs . . . And even cowbell! By the time you’re done, you’ll need a cold shower and a nap. What a thrill."

Berkeley Place

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