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Self Titled (CD) (Import)

Paganus - Self Titled (Cover Art)

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 LABEL: Total Rust
 ORIGIN: Israel
 ITEM #: ATH-4952


  1. Paganus
  2. Skullsplitter
  3. Blood Soaked Boots
  4. Stab
"Paganus are a Finnish doom/death five-piece who formed in 2000. You’ll win no prizes for guessing the tempo at which they play their music – s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w. With that said, they have enough inventiveness in their song structures to keep a vice-like grip on your imagination for every second. Every nuance, every crackle of static filled distortion and every moment of contemplative silence has been perfectly honed. Even though the tempo is generally slow, it doesn’t stop the strangulated guitars occasionally straying off to a more mid tempo pace to pound your senses with a fantastically defiant vigour. Vocally, it’s not your standard doom/death affair either, with blackened throaty hiss interchanging between an easily intelligible shout depending on the mood of the riff that they’re topping."

"All of these separate ingredients blend into one incredible whole, with the excellent songwriting shining through the darkened mire and charred moods that glide around this album like restless wraiths. The whole album is figuratively bursting with atmosphere, burrowing deep into your psyche and melting away your awareness of time and surroundings for its entire run time. It’s bands like Paganus that keep the underground alive and well."

Lars Christiansen

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