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The Makai
The End of All You Know (CD)

The Makai - The End of All You Know (Cover Art)

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 LABEL: Seventh Rule
 ITEM #: ATH-4629


  1. Gotterdamerung
  2. The Hound of Hades
  3. Beast Born from Lies
  4. The 10th Labour of Hercules
  5. Battle Hymn
  6. Sedna's Tale
  7. Lady of the Lake
  8. Fire Breathing Damsel Devourer
  9. Spilling the Blood
  10. The Plague of Time
"The End of All You Know is noisy, guitar-heavy, and cranked up to the maximum. The band blends thrash and extreme metal, Swedish-influenced melodic death, and a good bit of chaotic hardcore. The pace is relentless, the songwriting is solid, and the arrangements are written in a way that keeps each song from sounding like the next one."

"The Makai excels at injecting its tunes with a controlled chaos that makes it seems as though the entire affair may fall apart at any moment. The furious pacing, rip-roaring riffs, and teeth-rattling drumming of Jessee Shreibman provide the listener with a range of styles and all-around cool musical segments. The album is not devoid of tunefulness either, as the melodic guitar lines and song structures in general can be rather alluring. The group's abrasive mixture simply sounds like a band that has drawn influence from many different types of bands. Overall, there is an intelligence and penchant for keeping things interesting on The End of All You Know to some extent like the manner in which Mastodon composes its thunderous metal that should bode well for future releases."

Scott Alisoglu

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