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Generous Maria
Electricism (CD) (Import)

Generous Maria - Electricism (Cover Art)

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Generous Maria

 LABEL: Buzzville
 ORIGIN: Belgium
 ITEM #: ATH-3498

  • Artwork by Malleus. Christian Smedström (The Awesome Machine) plays additional guitar on “Precious and Grace”.


  1. The Chilling Effect
  2. Sheer Violence
  3. All Wrong Alright
  4. Precious and Grace
  5. Slit-Eyed Lizard
  6. She's Got Plans for Me
  7. Ripe
  8. Out of My Head
  9. Bootlicker
  10. It's Called Love
  11. Li'l Crisis of Mine
"Generous Maria’s follow up to 2002’s Command of the New Rock shows the band abandoning the more traditional stoner rock sound for an edgier, more straightforward hard rock approach. “The Chilling Effect,” “Sheer Violence,” and “Out of My Head” best exemplify the band’s new focus on driving rock. There’s a vague sense of AC/DC worship as well. There’s some good stuff here and the band deserves commendation for not covering old ground."

"A mix of the heaviness from Black Sabbath with the groove of Grand Funk Railroad."

Zoopa Loop

"Heavy neoblues with Black Sabbath, Stooges and Tom Waits as common denominators."


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Generous Maria: Command of the New Rock (Re-issue) (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $15.99
Released: 2005
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Generous Maria
Command of the New Rock (Re-issue) (CD) (Import)

Label: Buzzville   Origin: Belgium
Bonus tracks taken from their 7" Crawl Back in, Tungt Svenskt and the Snake Oil Supercharm compiliation. When first released, Command of the New Rock was a competent example of a budding rock scene, but the ...2005 Edition can easily be described as “classic” stoner rock. It’s got all the hallmarks of what gave the genre its identity – an equal love of Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, and Kyuss, thick, fuzzy riffs, and grooves so thick you c...

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