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The Heads
Under the Stress of a Headlong Dive (Vinyl 2LP) (Import)

The Heads - Under the Stress of a Headlong Dive (Cover Art)

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The Heads: Mao Tinitus (Color)
The Heads
Mao Tinitus (Color)
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The Heads

 FORMAT: Vinyl 2LP
 LABEL: Invada
 ITEM #: ATH-3482

  • Limited edition on thick black vinyl in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.


  1. Earth / Sun
  2. Ridgeback
  3. Embryonic Lizard
  4. Interim 1
  5. pass, the void
  6. We Are Not Free
  7. Cloud
  8. Kang
  9. Return Of The Bemmie
  10. Assault On BS3
  11. Swamp Of Chutney Morgan
  12. EVP
  13. Undersided / dedisrednu
  14. Your Monkey Is My Master
  15. We Descend From?
  16. Jello
  17. Doors To Close (Short Wave)
  18. Stodgy
  19. Creating In The Eternal Now Is Always Heavy
"First proper album in 3 years from the UK masters of psych fuzz rock. This is the band's seventh album, and delves deeper into the Kraut Rock/early 70's space rock sound. This 19 track album is everything you have come to expect from this 'heavy psych garage band' that sites The 13th Floor Elevators, Loop and Sonic Youth as influences. If you managed to get a copy of '33' you would have heard the band getting into Kraut rock. And, on this album they take the influences of Can and Neu even further by welding the Kraut sound with early 70's space rock. Worship!!"

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The Heads: Gnu (CD Single) (Cover Art)
Price: $5.99
Released: 1997
Only 2 Left
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The Heads
Gnu (CD Single)

Label: Headhunter   Origin: N/A
This title is out of print and will only be available while current supplies last! LIMIT 1 PER CUSTOMER! Bristol's The Heads proudly carry the banner of over-the-top, amphetamine-driven psychedelia a la Hawkwind, & they do so with class. Everyone of the 10 songs on Relaxing With.... is loud, fast, obnoxious and an awful lot of fun. While they never veer away from a basic sound derived from the music of Hawkwind, the MC5 and the 13th Floor Elevators.

The Heads: Mao Tinitus (Color) (Vinyl 10 inch) (Cover Art)
Price: $14.99
Released: 1998
Only 4 Left
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The Heads
Mao Tinitus (Color) (Vinyl 10 inch)

Label: Man's Ruin   Origin: USA
Man's Ruin is out of business and all of their titles are out of print. This title will only be available while current supplies last. ACT FAST!! Two psych rock jams by the pride of Bristol England THE HEADS. A pair of 9 minute epics are the perfect ajunct to a well rounded evening of drug enhanced navel gazing falling somewhere between BLUE CHEER and THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS this disc is sure to please the Z Man within.

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