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Siena Root
Kaleidoscope (CD) (Import)

Siena Root - Kaleidoscope (Cover Art)

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Siena Root: Far from the Sun
Siena Root
Far from the Sun
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Siena Root: Root Jam
Siena Root
Root Jam
2LP - Info - Buy

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Siena Root

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Siena Root

 LABEL: Nasoni
 ORIGIN: Germany
 ITEM #: ATH-3384


  1. Good and Bad
  2. Nightstalker
  3. Blues 276
  4. Bhairavi Dhun
  5. Crossing the Stratosphere
  6. There and Back Again
  7. Ridin' Slow
  8. Reverberations
"On the first track the Led Zeppelin influence again is obvious. This progressive hard rock style is not just a copy (even if they take a rhythmical riff from Zeppelin somewhere), but the original thing, in the true spirit of the '70s, with complexity, spontaneity, compositional strength and a hard rocking vibe. This release exceeded all my already big expectations for the group. Most of it has all the qualities of a future classic, which proves that the '70s are vey much alive. A great album."
Progressive Homestead

"With their second album, the band managed to enhance their honest and natural sound without loosing contact to their musical roots. The amazing and charismatic blues-tinged voice of female singer Sanya gives a real kick to the Siena Root sound."

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Siena Root: A New Day Dawning (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $13.99
Released: 2009
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Siena Root
A New Day Dawning (CD)

Label: Rockadrome   Origin: USA
I feel myself becoming effusive. I'm about to gush like a shaken-up soda. Over Siena Root. This band, with its sound, could easily be a contemporary of Cream or, more likely, Deep Purple, maybe a fusion of those, plus any number of other rock/hard rock bands from the era that crafted rockin', heartfelt tunes using both guitars and keyboards as prominent instruments. Everything is here, the way the guitar sounds, the way the keys bring their psyche, the golden throat o...

Siena Root: Far from the Sun (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $17.99
Released: 2008
Only 4 Left
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Siena Root
Far from the Sun (CD) (Import)

Label: Transubstans   Origin: Sweden
Most classic rock traditionalists seem to focus on the bombastic heavy blues variety – think Deep Purple, Cactus, Grand Funk Railroad, Skynyrd, ZZ Top – hell, even Bachman Turner Overdrive. While Sweden's Siena Root does tip their hat numerous times to that list of greats, they still ultimately follow a different path down memory lane. 'Far From the Sun', the band's third album, steers the band towards the late 60's Haight-Ashbury district. There's a hippie-sensibilit...

Siena Root: Root Jam (Vinyl 2LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $34.99
Released: 2011
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Siena Root
Root Jam (Vinyl 2LP) (Import)

Label: Headspin   Origin: Netherlands
Deluxe gatefold sleeve. This extensive double live album is a resume of Siena Root‘s early years. This album features all the elements of the band, from their debut up to recent days. They have managed to pour the band’s dynamic energy from the stage right into this box of root rock. You will for sure find the good old heavy riffs, side-by-side with psychedelic vibes and groovy jams.

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