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Red Giant
Ultra-Magnetic Glowing Sound (CD)

Red Giant - Ultra-Magnetic Glowing Sound (Cover Art)

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Red Giant: Dysfunctional Majesty
Red Giant
Dysfunctional Majesty
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Red Giant

 LABEL: Tee Pee
 ITEM #: ATH-335


  1. 1960 Starchief
  2. Blue-White Supergiant
  3. Saturn Missle Battery
  4. Pervert
  5. .865 (The Battle for Longitude)
  6. Ring of the Acid Pope
  7. Devils of the Fall
  8. Floor Girl
  9. When Sirius Rises
  10. Thread
  11. Kill the Condors
  12. Another Dying Admiral
"An admirable disposition to intricate musical structures, characterized by eccentric and surprising rhythm changes, surely inspired by a psychedelic monster-band of the past like Captain Beyond!"
Luciano Gaglio

"I found all of the songs very experimental, in a floating Hawkwind crossed with Monster Magnet sort of way, while also maintaining and almost indescript 70s vibe that I just can't place, but that is very familiar!"

El Danno

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Red Giant: Devil Child Blues (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $6.66
Released: 2004
Out of Stock
Red Giant
Devil Child Blues (CD)

Label: Small Stone   Origin: USA
It's an earthy ride this time. More straight forward heavy rock, passionate and bluesy. Epic lead guitars and whiskey drenched vocals fly above that hard pounding rhythm that drives the march of the mighty riff. Devil Child Blues is the super heavy space rock album of the year so far and possibly the best since their last album Ultra-Magnetic Glowing Sound, which was released way back in 1999. Strongly recommended to fans of the heaviest Monster Magnet s...

Red Giant: Dysfunctional Majesty (CD) (Cover Art)
Price: $14.99
Released: 2010
In Stock
Red Giant
Dysfunctional Majesty (CD)

Label: Small Stone   Origin: USA
Red Giantís first album in six years finds the Cleveland four-piece come down to earth. Where 2004ís Devil Child Blues was spacier, looser, more open, the newer output on Dysfunctional Majesty is tight, rigid, professional-sounding. The tracks are not given to exploration, but rather, follow the guitars right through to the kind of straightforward heavy groove rock. Dysfunctional Majesty is loaded with enough of the Heavy to last at least a couple of years.

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