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Hey Colossus

Hey Colossus - II (Cover Art)

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 LABEL: Shifty
 ITEM #: ATH-2690


  1. Red Giant
  2. Horsehead
  3. Take it
  4. Vengeance
  5. Raise the Flag (this Planet's Ours)
  6. Europa
"The main draw with Hey Colossus is the emotional depths and insight bestowed upon us by Ian, Bob and James, the vocalists in the group. You feel that it is not only the genius of the words being sung but itís their context as part of the song in which they fit that justifies their status as genius. The rhythm section breathes like a creature all of its own. Complex and deft tricky rhythms are handled and delivered with nonchalance and true beauty. A beauty somewhat akin to someone with really big shoes kicking you over and over again in your arsehole. The guitar playing is similarly sparkling. Where mere mortal bands might make do with one or two guitarists, Hey Colossus use three. Any danger of them getting in each other's way and clouding the tonal palette is rendered null and void by the breadth of sounds they use."

"Someone told me Hey Colossus sound like Isis and Neurosis. Thatís a sack of shit. Totally, totally different. Heavier because the rhythms are more pulse like. Nastier because itís not just riffs, itís messy riffs with noise sitting round every note like a scarf of squidgy evil."

Chris Summerlin

"Breaking free of conventional band structure, the three guitarists (with two of Ďem singing) and one drummer that are Hey Colossus offer a punishing display of heavy on their second album, II. Hey Colossus delve into sludgy territory, but not the slow bubbling muck variety. Itís dissonant grind that touches upon influences as varied as Fugazi, Entombed, and the Melvins, while keeping an intricate yet simple structure to the music. While the influences to Hey Colossus are identifiable, the end result is unique. Thereís more to this band than the sum of its parts. Like Kruger, these guys branch out in their own heavy direction. II is fucking colossal."


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