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Secure Payment Guarantee
  Credit Cards: This website is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. In addition to SSL Encryption we also comply with the strictest PCI Security Standards. As such, our website uses state-of-the-art payment processing technology and procedures that allow our staff to process payments without seeing your credit card number or other sensitive financial information. Your credit card number and payment information is not stored on our servers or viewed by anyone else after you submit your order. Thus, our staff never has the ability to charge your credit card for any amount above the amount authorized for your current order. You also don't have to worry that our databases will be hacked into one day and some hacker will steal your financial information from us (like you hear about on the news all the time). Your sensitive financial information is not stored on our servers so this would not be possible even if a hacker achieved access to them. However, we are still able to process refunds and "save" your payment details for quicker checkout on future orders using only the last four digits of your card number and transaction IDs from your previous orders.

PayPal: When you place an order using PayPal the payment is actually processed on the PayPal servers. We never have access to your PayPal account in any way and we never see your financial information at all. We simply receive an email from PayPal alerting us that we've received a payment in our own PayPal account. For triple-back-up peace-of-mind you can even pay with a credit card via your PayPal account!

Secure Packaging Guarantee
  We guarantee that we will pack your order carefully in secure packaging to protect your valuable purchases from damage during shipping.
Privacy Guarantee
  We respect your privacy as much as we value our own. We will never share your information with any third parties under any circumstances except when it's necessary to do so in order to process your order and ship it. Please view our Privacy Policy for complete details.