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Zodiac: A Bit of Devil (Color) (Vinyl LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $33.99
Released: 2012
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A Bit of Devil (Color) (Vinyl LP) (Import)

Label: Honest Hound   Origin: Germany
Translucent red vinyl. Includes a download code for the album. FEatures a cover of ZZ Top's "Blue Jean Blues". Drummer Janosch Rathmer not only finds time for his main band Long Distance Calling but also this hard rock side project called Zodiac. Those expecting the instrumental prog rock/metal of Long Distance Calling should be advised that Zodiac aren't anywhere near that sound, as Zodiac travel back to the '70s and early '80s for their brand of heavy rock that pays h...

Zoroaster: Dog Magic (Vinyl 2LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $19.99
Released: 2007
Only 2 Left
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Dog Magic (Vinyl 2LP)

Label: Kreation   Origin: USA
Limited edition of only 500 copies on black vinyl! Deluxe gatefold sleeve! Remastered by Mell Dettmer (Sunn0))), Earth, Boris). Zoroaster's Self Titled debut from last year was doom slow in the vein of Warhorse and Sleep the sort of heaviness that has a physical presence. A good set of speakers (to cut through the almost-demo quality production) and you could feel the music wrapping itself around you. The Atlanta-based band's follow-up, Dog Magic, star...

Zoroaster: Voice of Saturn (Bleed) (Vinyl LP) (Cover Art)
Price: $18.99
Released: 2009
Only 1 Left
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Voice of Saturn (Bleed) (Vinyl LP)

Label: Kreation   Origin: USA
Artwork by Brian Mercer. Limited edition of only 300 copies on yellow black colored vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve. This is the third album from Georgia psych-sludge trio Zoroaster, and boy have they done it this time. Put this album on and you're in for an hour of some powerful vibrations. Unlike its predecessor, which was furiously bare-bones sludge, Voice of Saturn takes that heavy base and liberates it to its intended cosmic pathway. From the kicker track "Spirit Mo...

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