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Watchtower - Radiant Moon (Splatter) (10 inch)
Watchtower - Radiant Moon (Splatter) (10 inch) Cover Art
Price: $14.99

Origin: USA
Released: 3/17/2017

Availability: Low Stock
Product Code: ATH-12177

Limited edition on splatter colored vinyl.

'The Radiant Moon' EP from Australia's Watchtower is a perfect cosmic ride into a doomedelic universe where THC-riddled meteorites rain down upon us all. Achieving a perfect balance between sludgy, plodding grooves and slow-burning aggression, Watchtower calls to mind the pummelling heyday of Electric Wizard, the relentlessness of Conan and the crusty swing of Weedeater. Throat-ripping, hip-shaking and piledriving, this weighty doom masterpiece features two crushing tracks on a gorgeous 10-inch vinyl platter.