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Valkyrie - Self Titled (Re-issue) (CD)
Valkyrie - Self Titled (Re-issue) (CD) Cover Art
Price: $12.99

Origin: USA
Released: 2010

Availability: Backorderable
Product Code: ATH-6667

Kelly Carmichael of Internal Void guests on "Eternally There".

I first heard of this Harrisonburg, VA outfit with their Sunlight Shines EP, a three-song collection of some of the finest Pentagram by way of Hawkwind doom out there. Unlike a good number of their doom contemporaries, Valkyrie guitarists Pete and Jake Adams arenít afraid to lay down some serious soloing. It seems like every song is aching to explode with some harmonized leads or some back and forth dueling. Valkyrie is doom with oomph, providing the dour vibe but never getting bogged down in plodding riffs. This is an impressive debut. I could see these guys on a tour with the likes of The Hidden Hand and Earthride and holding their own. Great stuff (especially the solos).