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Nekromant - Snakes & Liars (IMPORT) (LP)
Nekromant - Snakes & Liars (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art
Price: $27.99

Origin: Sweden
Released: 6/16/2017

Availability: Pre-order
Product Code: ATH-12246


The second coming of NEKROMANT is upon you. 'Snakes & Liars' is the second album because these guys had already released their debut when they were called Serpent. And 'Nekromant' was the title of that debut-album. Not confused? Well, then prepare to get drowned in some awesome blues-laced metal. Fast-paced facemelters like 'Stoned To Death, Doomed To Die' share space with darkened and psychotic tracks such as 'Never Saved' and 'Funeral Worship'.