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Lamp of the Universe/Kanoi - Split LP (IMPORT) (LP)
Lamp of the Universe/Kanoi - Split LP (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art
Price: $38.99

Origin: Germany
Released: 6/1/2017

Availability: Backorderable
Product Code: ATH-12230

A truly tripped out release featuring amazing artwork from Dale Simpson. This edition is limited to 150 copies on black vinyl.

A fantastic split! The first side contains recordings from New Zealand's Lamp Of The Universe that date back to 2003-2004. Almost sounding like Yahowha in places, the material is pretty much jam based, with acoustic sounds evolving into a pure acid rock freakout, ending with a sort of tribal chant. On the other side Kanoi from Austria brings us some brilliant, Floyd-like atmospheres, Hendrixian psych guitar eruptions and spacey vocals.