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Greenbeard - Lodarodbol (LP)
Greenbeard - Lodarodbol (LP) Cover Art
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Origin: USA
Released: 7/13/2017

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Product Code: ATH-12412


Lodarodbol is a schizophrenic beast lurking between the realms of radio length, hook-filled pop songs, and epic stoner sagas demanding the attention of a hi-fi sound system and an open ear. The opening track, "Swing", instantly kicks the album into gear with a driving guitar riff laced with thrash. Four and a half minutes later, "Lanesplitter" has full command of the situation, and takes the listener on an expansive journey through the riff riddled realms of sludge, prog, and psychedelia. The album continues to erupt with tasteful song writing, intricate sonic layering, and weight shifting tone. Lodarodbol's final send-off track, "Wyrm" leaves the listener's mind obliterated with it's story of a furious dragon unleashed. This ten minute burner is a musical opus filled with a barrage of orchestrated movements and time changes. Lodarodbol is a superb listen, and Greenbeard continues to exist as a refreshing moment in the timeline of contemporary stoner rock.