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Earth Electric - Vol.1: Solar (LP)
Earth Electric - Vol.1: Solar (LP) Cover Art
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Origin: USA
Released: 5/12/2017

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Product Code: ATH-12109


With their debut album 'Vol.1: Solar', Earth Electric turn out to be a quite different beast again. Eriksen is drawing heavily from classic rock influences including such giants as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Pink Floyd. Those roots are rather hinted at than clearly visible and the Nordic track-smith has always made sure to hammer them into an individual shape of his own twisted liking.

Earth Electric were formed by Rune Eriksen in cooperation with Ava Inferi vocalist Carmen Simoes in early spring 2014, who graced the project with her ethereal soprano, which has also been enlisted by Moonspell on several recordings and live productions. The couple's renewed cooperation was based on a mutual desire to explore today's opportunities of creating energetic and extrovert rock. The duo enlisted the help of their friends Luigi "Gee" Anzalone from Dragonforce and Doro band member Luca Princiotta and recorded a 3-track demo, entitled "2014" at Ultrasound Studio, Portugal in September 2014.

After completing the demo, the two core members decided to turn into a heavier and slightly more progressive direction, while the overall concept became more ethereal. Earth Electric added Grog and Neoplasmah bassist Alexandre Ribeiro and Ricardo Martins, who also drums for Jiboia and Papaya to their line-up. The London based keyboarder Daniel Knight from the progressive UK rock band Messenger completed the crew for the recordings.