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Dustrider - Event Horizon (IMPORT) (CD)
Dustrider - Event Horizon (IMPORT) (CD) Cover Art
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Origin: Italy
Released: 7/7/2017

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Born in late 2014-early 2015, Dustrider are an instrumental heavypsych/stoner trio from Roma, Italy. Since their beginning, they try to mix all very different influences, spanning from classic heavy metal to stoner, doom and sludge, in a personal and new interpretation. Their sound can be described as a mixture of psychedelic/space rock fused with heavy stoner tunes with an adventurous spirit running throughout their music. In late 2015, Dustrider release their first EP, Mother Engine, entirely self-produced, which caught the attention and curiosity of part of the insiders. Months after the release of Mother Engine, Dustrider have come out with a new self-produced single, AgarthA, which opens the way to the first album of the band. Recommended if you like: COLOUR HAZE, HAWKWIND, KARMA TO BURN