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Black Mountain - In the Future (2LP)
Black Mountain - In the Future (2LP) Cover Art
Price: $17.99

Origin: USA
Released: 2008

Availability: Low Stock
Product Code: ATH-4885

Limited edition. Deluxe gatefold sleeve!

Stephen McBean’s classic rock crew summon up any number of sonic ghosts, from Deep Purple to Funkadelic. They even nod to the flashiness of 1970s synth-led prog, yet never stoop to mere pastiche.

This album is more consistent than the first album because it succeeds not only with the hard-rock shuffle of “Stormy High”, but also with the acoustic-driven, high-register of “Stay Free”. The band’s not-so-secret weapon, vocalist Amber Webber, delivers the goods here. More than most albums, In the Future seems to be aware it is traveling over time. So the album’s title does not suggest the album’s destination, so much as its trajectory. The listener feels, after all the highs and lows, the drawn-out quiet and crowded noise, that they’ve gone from one place to another. Been moved by this music. It’s an amazing achievement for a band who had already done so much with their first record. To warm us up, then chill the sweat on our arms. To drag us through the darkness only to squint, unbelieving, at the light. To start where we are and end up In the Future, still unsure of what this future is, but ecstatic and exhausted by the journey to get here.