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Valient Thorr - Old Salt (LP) Cover Art Valient Thorr - Old Salt (LP)

Limited edition on black vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

VALIENT THORR is a wild ass rock'n'roll band said to hail from inside of the planet Venus and planning to destroy all of Earth's cities. And just so you don't think we're blowing smoke, check it out! For fans of Motörhead, Clutch, Fu Manchu and Mastodon.

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Price: $24.99
Valley of the Sun - Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Valley of the Sun - Electric Talons of the Thunderhawk (IMPORT) (LP)

Valley of the Sun are from Cincinnati, which helps to explain the energetic edge in this excellent collection of songs in the key of head rush, Signed to the Truckfighters personal label, Bassist Ryan McAllister, Guitarist Ryan Ferrier and drummer Aaron Boyer, power trio their way through 10 tracks with a case of Stage 4 Kyuss - Monster Magnet infectiousness.

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Price: $29.99
Valley Of The Sun - Volume Rock (Gold) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Valley Of The Sun - Volume Rock (Gold) (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition on gold colored vinyl.

Volume Rock. Of all the words in the English language that could be drawn upon to illustrate the sheer sound and substance of Cincinnati’s Valley Of The Sun, you’d be hard pressed to find two better. Picking up directly where they left off on last year’s Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk, the Queen City rockers are back in 2016 with a brand new album on Sweden’s formidable Fuzzorama Records.

Volume Rock is the culmination of the band’s determination and ability to not only write and record great rock songs, but also their drive and ambition to become one of the best bands to emerge from the underground. As The Obelisk proclaimed as early as 2011, “There’s no question that Valley Of The Sun are placing themselves at the forefront of the new generation of American heavy rock.”

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Price: $29.99
Valley, The - Self Titled (Color) (10 inch) Cover Art Valley, The - Self Titled (Color) (10 inch)

Limited edition of only 500 copies in black splatter on purple vinyl!!

This Seattle trio brings upbeat and bombastic energy to the table they call rock. This is good pop sensibility with the love of a Big Muff pedal. The Valley is most influenced by early Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, and Mudhoney. I really cannot stress enough the energy this release exudes. It just never lets up and there is this perfect marriage of sing along melodies and fuzzy riffs. The production is great too, with a very live feeling. The bass sound is pretty mean, with some great fuzz as well. If you’re looking for soaring melodies with some warm fuzz, then look no further. The Valley is full of energy and never gives you time to take a breath. You’ve come to the right place to rock.

The band’s heavy distortion, heavy guitars and heavy drums are balanced by melodic songs and catchy vocals. With equal parts grunge and pop punk, the Valley blend two styles I love, but rarely find together.

Their fuzz-heavy sound hits a couple early ’90s cornerstones, from the atmospheric dips and swells of bands like Swervedriver and My Bloody Valentine to the lighter sludge of the early Sub Pop catalog. The band places pop overtones in otherwise heavily textured rock.

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Price: $10.99
Vaporizer - Sea Full of Eyes (Color) (7 inch) Cover Art Vaporizer - Sea Full of Eyes (Color) (7 inch)

Limited edition of only 200 copies with multi color splatter on dark purplish grey colored vinyl.

Mix of NOLA drug-adled sludge, vicious Neur-Isis metalgaze, and tasteful and scholarly muscianship.

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Price: $9.99
Vardlokk - Skraelingjahlaut (Color) (7 inch) Cover Art Vardlokk - Skraelingjahlaut (Color) (7 inch)

Featuring members of Witch, Enslaved, Draugar and Dusty Skull. Limited edition on white vinyl.

Featuring Grutle Kjellson of the Enslaved on vocals, Dave Sweetapple from Witch on bass, Tim Lehi from Draugar on guitar, Terri Christopher from 27/Dusty Skull on drums, and Ivor Sandoy from Enslaved/Jazkamer adding effects and moog.

Driving doom riffs, laden with layers of guitar, bass fuzz and Norwegian growled choruses, Vardlokk tells the story of Vikings landing in Vinland (Newfoundland) in the year 1000 A.D.

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Price: $6.99
Various Artists - Best of James Marshall Hendrix (Orange) (LP) Cover Art Various Artists - Best of James Marshall Hendrix (Orange) (LP)

Limited edition on transparent orange colored vinyl. This is a special low price from the label especially for All That is Heavy customers.

A 7-track compilation, The Best of James Marshall Hendrix, with covers of the best known songs by Jimi, with contributions from Child, Elephant Tree, Geezer, Rosy Finch, Stubb, and Wo Fat.

All-in-all, a beautiful tribute to the legacy of a highly influential figure in the development, heart and soul of psychedelic, stoner rock. A must-have for fans of Hendrix.

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Price: $14.99
Various Artists - Four Burials (4-Way Split) (2LP) Cover Art Various Artists - Four Burials (4-Way Split) (2LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies on 180gr. vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Four Burials is a four-way split release between Mournful Congregation, Orthodox, Loss and Otesanek.

Otesanek delivers "Seven Are They", a slow sludge and drone doom dirge with loads of feedback, howled screams and growls and everything else putrid and vile.

Loss offers "(To Pass Away) Death March Towards My Ruin.

Orthodox's "Heritage" opens slow but steady, gradually evolving from minimal guitar strumming and odd spoken word to, well, it basically stays like that for the full run. A nice interlude among the crushing heaviness of the other three bands.

Mournful Congregation presents "Left Unspoken". It contains all the typical Mournful Congregation elements: slow, dirge-like guitar leads with their typical bends and slides, deep growled vocals and an overall utterly minimalistic approach.

Four Burials is a worthwhile and interesting release. For the experienced and seasoned collectors it contains new work from not-so-prolific bands. For the (Funeral) Doom newbie it is a possibility to check out some of the scene's underground upper middle class acts. And not to mention, it gives a good idea of the range of the Doom scene, although it is hardly the full view.

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Price: $25.99
Various Artists - Meantime (Redux) (Tri-Color) (2LP) Cover Art Various Artists - Meantime (Redux) (Tri-Color) (2LP)

Limited edition of 250 copies on tri-colored (red, blue, gold) vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

"The first time I heard "Unsung," I immediately fell in love... the drumming, the guitar attack, the disengaged vocals and the Brooklyn grit all captivated me, as it did for many others. Meantime was a post-hardcore masterpiece. It was new, raw and an amazing record from start to finish that had me and my bandmates completely hooked."

"Meantime was the defining noise-rock release for many of us coming of age in the early nineties," Vitali says. "Having a label and the ability to bring together bands to cover an artist's work of this magnitude is tremendously rewarding. It's like writing the ultimate love letter to the band or artist, covering their album from start to finish, as if to say, 'the work you made influenced us all so deeply, and we want to show you how thankful we are that you created this.' Meantime is a masterpiece and our intent in bringing together KEN mode, I Am Become Death, Kings Destroy, Ironweed and others is to say to Helmet that, nearly 25 years later, we still are in awe of the record you guys made."

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Price: $21.99
Venus Sleeps - Dead Sun Worship (Orange) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Venus Sleeps - Dead Sun Worship (Orange) (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition of only 300 copies on orange colored vinyl.

Venus Sleeps is a psychedelic doom four-piece from Dublin, Ireland. The band's impressive debut album, 'Dead Sun Worship', features five tracks with great riffs, memorable vocals and a massive sound.

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Price: $27.99