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Jagged Vision - Death is This World (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Jagged Vision - Death is This World (IMPORT) (LP)

'Death Is This World' sees Jagged Vision evolving its roots in hc and stoner metal into an intense machinery of heavy riffing. This album consists of 10 blistering songs, sure to wake even the most lethargic listener.

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Janitors, The - Evil Doings of an Evil Kind (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Janitors, The - Evil Doings of an Evil Kind (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies on black vinyl.

"Evil Doings of an Evil Kind" is a collection of dark and noisy songs that are not aimed at the faint of heart. All songs have a disturbing vibe as if you should not come too close because you might be risking a punch in the nose. On this EP The Janitors display a hypnotic, monotone and evil drone although the barbed wire fuzz rock often is infused by a melodic groove.

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Price: $19.99
Jason Simon - Self Titled (Color) (LP) Cover Art Jason Simon - Self Titled (Color) (LP)

Jason Simon is the vocalist and guitarist of Dead Meadow.

Color vinyl.

Jason Simon is best known as the voice behind D.C.-based psychedelic/stoner rock trio Dead Meadow. The singer’s beautiful tenor vocals are at once distinctive and captivating, with the range and delivery to slowly draw listeners in and keep them engaged. On his solo project, Simon retains the spacey atmosphere of Dead Meadow, but uses acoustic guitar to affect a much quieter, more relaxed theme on the music. It is neither folk nor blues, but rather a style that lies somewhere in the middle; soft and calm, but still highly expressive, intelligent, and meaningful. Fans of folk musicians like Imaad Wasif and Harper Simon will fall in love with this album. Make no mistake—Jason Simon now has two musical avenues for creativity beyond the imaginations of mere mortals.

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Price: $14.99
Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus - Spirit Knife (Color) (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus - Spirit Knife (Color) (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition of only 500 copies on 180gr color vinyl.

Spirit Knife: an album that finds JIRM rekindling their time-traveling communion with vintage psychedelia and krautrock, while expanding on the sonic palette revealed by the ensemble's past full-lengths. Once again, but more powerfully than ever before, JIRM, deliver imposing passages of torrential guitars that rattle and roll, shimmy and soar with oceanic reverb and sweaty rock and roll, partnering with thrumming keys and mesmerizing motorik drums to incite cyclical hypnosis for protracted song-suites, ever teetering between tight instrumental control and loose vibes to achieve optimal tantric tension and release through music.

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Jess and the Ancient Ones - Castaneda (Peach) (IMPORT) (10 inch) Cover Art Jess and the Ancient Ones - Castaneda (Peach) (IMPORT) (10 inch)

Limited edition on peach colored vinyl. Both tracks are exclusive to this release.

Jess and the Ancient Ones is an Occult Rock band from Kuopio, Finland. This seven-headed entity was given birth by Thomas Corpse and Thomas Fiend, its purpose being the exploration of magical realms beyond the mundane. The band's lyrical concept is based upon the personal occult experiences of the writers, which combined with music the creates a strong mystical atmosphere. With the vocal talent Jess as their frontwoman and three guitars in the lineup, JATAO draw inspiration from heavy metal and rock groups of the classic era, such as Mercyful Fate, Roky Erickson, Iron Maiden and Abba.

Price: $19.99
Jex Thoth - Blood Moon Rise (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Jex Thoth - Blood Moon Rise (IMPORT) (LP)

Listening to Blood Moon Rise is a seductive, rich, brooding journey, as Jex eerily serenades you and captures you in her rose scented web. Jex Thoth deliver a well-blended experience of occult laden doom, mixed with psychedelic rock. This isn't a journey down the rabbit hole, this is real. From softly sung vocals to quirky keyboards, Jex Thoth offer a vast experience, delivering each nuance with precision. Vocally, this album is euphoric, with harmonies that hypnotize, sending shivers down your spine. Jex delivers a otherworldly performance. Her voice is seductive yet undoubtedly powerful. She sings from the heart and the lyrics drip with emotion. The music and her voice intertwine with ease, coming together to create a colourful, symbiotic experience.

As a whole, the musical composition is a dreamy, doom affair. The composition allows the songs to breathe, they come alive. They never feel overly refined or unremarkable, they sit comfortably spewing out the weird and wonderful. Instrumentally, this album is a well-rounded experience, the guitars perpetuate the melancholic, constant climactic atmosphere. Blood Moon Rise features exceptional guitar melodies, which harvest an uncomfortable feeling, gently swirling and acrobatically filling the airwaves with doom. The nature of such melodies may seem bewildering, as they entice the listener to come closer, to be submerged in a pool of bliss, only to be dragged by the hair and beaten within an inch of your life. Even simplistic riffs are written with heart, accompanied with gargling bass-work filling the lower end, while the drums elegantly simmer in the mix, commanding to be heard. Furthermore, the keyboards reinforce the dream-like atmosphere with a notable presence.

Jex Thoth have managed to create a powerful experience, not only musically but emotionally. Their secondary effort oozes with sincerity, heart and soul. The music is an expression of all things dark and mysterious. Not only does it embody the essence of doom and psychedelic rock but it does so in a smooth, sharp fashion. Essentially, Blood Moon Rise is a beautifully twisted affair.

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Price: $25.99
Jex Thoth - Self Titled (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Jex Thoth - Self Titled (IMPORT) (LP)

Formerly known as the band, Totem.

Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Jex Thoth goes back to the nursery of heavy rock, the time when acid had nothing to do with dance music and long songs were divided into chapters. Did I hear somebody shout out Witch rather loudly? That's OK, that somebody might have a point. There are plenty of similarities: we see a group of indie musicians who like to play retro-doom / hardrock and hear a guitar player who knows his way around with the wahwah pedal. Both bands are keen to show us they know their music-history. Of course there are differences as well. Jex Thoth succeeds where Witch tries. The singer's voice will not be everyone's taste, but if you like it, you have a 50 minute long maelstrom of pure, heavy psychedelic rock, with a green and purple, strangely wavy border.

What was in that sugarcube anyway?

This album is blowing me away. Best trad/retro doom this side of Witchcraft. Well, maybe it is BETTER than Witchcraft indeed. Her voice is amazing, 'cause she doesn't try to sound manly or to emulate someone else. It is epic and soaring (wow), yet it also sounds sweet and fragile at times, and it is deeply moving. And the psychedelic touch added to the music is really nice. Wow!

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Price: $17.99
Jex Thoth - Totem (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Jex Thoth - Totem (IMPORT) (LP)

Behind a shimmering, sylvan veil of Holy Mountain guitars, Jex Thoth's ethereal, seraphic voice glides effortlessly atop lumbering, robust bass and heavy-handed percussion, while phantasmagoric whispers of Hammond Organ suggests a ritualistic undercurrent to the proceedings.

There is a definite sense of whimsy and playfulness to the music throughout, the brooding, hulking negative riffing offset by a Bacchanalian sprightliness that is wholly complementary to the band's assertively naturalistic image. This juxtaposition between repetitious, almost martial riffing and a reckless groove that almost suggests Eternal (pre-Electric Wizard) makes for truly hypnotic listening, peppering their dense stews of droning guitar and black mass Hammond with scalding lashes of wah-drenched guitar. Alternately haunting and impish, the music effortlessly shifts from bouts of Dopethrone dirge to mindmelting Krautified Guru Guru jam-rock ala Mammatus or Comets On Fire, resisting the convenient categories that presumptuous journos (myself included) employ with such abandon. Jex Troth's voice has a startlingly bold, commanding presence that truly augments the otherworldly atmospherics in the band, projecting an unabashed sensuality that your favorite doom band probably lacks.

The future bodes well for this band, which sits comfortably next to Reino Ermitaño as my favorite female-fronted band in the new epoch.

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Jex Thoth - Witness (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art Jex Thoth - Witness (IMPORT) (LP)

“Witness” is perhaps less guitar oriented than before with the mood becoming more melancholy in the process; the music is heavy yet laid back and openly nostalgic without being sentimental or trite. The band’s biggest strengths are the haunting vocals of Jex and avoiding the usual trap of carbon copying its predecessors. As such this will appeal to fans of pastoral, psychedelic rock/metal with a firm footing in the past but not necessarily dwelling there -- timeless, really.

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John Garcia - Self Titled (IMPORT) (LP) Cover Art John Garcia - Self Titled (IMPORT) (LP)

Limited edition on black vinyl. Deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano, Vista Chino... Whichever band John Garcia had a hand in, it instantly became a success. Garcia always understood how to create his own style and thus established himself as the most distinctive voice of the entire desert/stoner rock scene. For his self-titled solo album he recorded catchy material, drawing on classic rock as well as the super-intense stoner rock that he is most well known for. There's even some experimental moments on here.

John Garcia has delivered a multi-faceted and extremely intense solo album that will stir up more dust than a sandstorm in the California desert. Danko Jones, Tom Brayton, Mark Diamond and also Garcia's old partner in crime Nick Oliveri show up here as guest musicians.

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